How Computacenter is helping to transform the Public Sector


Our purpose is clear. We are passionate about how, as a responsible supplier to the UK Public Sector we can help make the UK a better and safer place to live and work. We provide technology that enables the public sector to offer simplified, world-class digital by default services that are truly user-centred. Making digital work in the public sector is no longer a nice-to-have but a necessity to meet the needs and demands of UK citizens. Computacenter’s Public Sector team is a trusted technology advisor to Central and Regional Government throughout the UK.

As one of the leading independent providers of business-to-Government technology services, we understand the challenges the UK Government are facing. With the consumerisation of technology, the ‘shift to digital’ has become an inevitability pre-Covid and is now a reality that must be met with pace and agility. Our ambition is to be the preferred technology services provider to UK Government, to enable users in a digital world. In summary, we make digital work.


Our credentials
  • Over 30 years’ experience working with the public sector, with expertise across cloud and data center, to networking, security and the digital workplace.
  • A clear focus on public sector and large private sector organisations.
  • Global presence and reach, Computacenter is featured on major government procurement frameworks in several countries.
  • ‘Considering the long term’ is a core Computacenter value. We invest strongly in Future Talent employment programmes, including apprenticeships, STEM outreach in schools, industrial placements and a prestigious graduate programme.
  • We’re UK headquartered and we pay our tax in the UK; we’re committed to helping the UK public sector create maximum value for money for UK taxpayers


Vendor Accreditations

Securely Connected

Watch how we support NHS Digital in helping organisations make better use of health and care information and ensuring that everyone’s data is protected.

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Central government


From filing tax returns to applying for a passport, today’s citizen demands their services online, mobile, social and self-service – all of which requires scalable, secure technology foundations, efficiently delivered across multiple channels.


The challenge to central government is to meet this demand while increasing efficiency and controlling costs. Digital transformation is key to improving public services; but the journey can be challenging, requiring cultural change as well as new skill sets, processes and platforms.


Computacenter supports public sector organisations on this digital journey, helping them to deliver a seamless citizen experience. With our transparent commercials and understanding of central government and their users’ needs, we can help accelerate your digital roadmap and establish more productive workplaces.

Regional government


Electronic patient records. Smart cities. Online transactional services. Regional government is under pressure to improve service delivery and meet the changing expectations of citizens, all while reducing expenditure.


Computacenter helps achieve these ambitions, helping deliver a digital roadmap to maximise the impact of technology with a people-centric approach, transparent costs and guaranteed outcomes.


By partnering with Computacenter, healthcare, police forces, education and other regional administrations can meet their digital agenda, empowering their people, streamlining their service delivery and improving the citizen experience, all while reducing cost.


Computacenter enables procurement departments to meet their organisations' demands to do more with less, within the public scrutiny of this sector.

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With ICT providing a critical role in UK education policy, Computacenter is committed to helping educators and their students harness safe, sustainable and future-shaping Technology solutions.

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Healthcare professionals have been stretched beyond all imagination during Covid19. If nothing else, the global pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of healthcare as part of the NHS Long Term Plan.

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Police forces are under constant pressure to deliver with limited budgets. Changing threats from criminals and a lack of resources have reduced effectiveness to meet public demand.

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We’re proud to have built powerful partnerships with the world’s leading technology providers, who can rely on our reach and scale. Computacenter is typically one of their largest partners worldwide.

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Transport for London

An extended Managed Services partnership centred on people, and now delivering new TechCenter support and ‘shift-left’ self-serve.

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Companies House

Computacenter have helped Companies House in selecting the right storage platform to help them achieve their digital goals.

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Department for Education

To enable staff to work more closely with the education sector, the Department for Education needed to change its technologies and approach to accessing data.

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