Engaging in a commercially open and transparent manner

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Because the way customers want to buy technology continues to evolve, and the deployment of technology can be complex, we have maintained a detailed understanding of the operational and financial drivers in our business. We understand the implications of an operational decision on the financial outcomes, either for our customers or us, and we strive to ensure that our trading partners also share that same understanding.

Watch Karen McInerney talk about how engaging in a commercially open and transparent manner is key in today’s business.

Operating Ethically and Inclusively

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Unparalleled position and experience on government frameworks

Government Procurement Frameworks are designed to remove cost and complexity from ICT sourcing. Recent consolidation changes and the introduction of economies of scale mean these frameworks are easier to use than ever before.

Computacenter has been a major player in Public Sector ICT Frameworks for over 20 years, and this pedigree gives us a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities central, regional and local government face. We have the skills and the scale to help CIOs and service delivery owners achieve their strategic goals. We enable the digital workplace. We simplify the datacenter. And we optimise the network.

By engaging with Computacenter through established procurement frameworks, government organisations can increase efficiency and agility, which simply means a better quality service for UK taxpayers.

Enable customers to adapt our services to meet changing demands

The need for stability within an organisation along with the cost, complexity and time to run a procurement project drives our customers to look at longer contract term options, but with built-in options for flexibility. They need confidence in the suppliers ability to meet demand plus the capability to move quickly and safely when necessary.

Change is constant in the world of technology, and at Computacenter we know that our customers want to keep up with the market while retaining confidence in their supplier to deliver change without driving up the price.

Other challenges, such as changes in legislation, organisational strategy or simply growth or reduction in an organisations & structure can't be anticipated. Computacenter's flexible service management solutions ensure that we are able to react quickly to the customers needs, providing fast, agile changes with limited need for escalation or long term change programmes. Our CTO office and supporting architecture design teams work with all the leading technology suppliers and across all of the analyst markets. We are empowered to adapt our solutions to meet our customer needs quickly and with minimal disruption, but always with a focus on ensuring the business case remains valid.

We are a major UK taxpayer, contributing to UK government revenues to the benefit of all our communities

We are a major UK Headquartered, international IT Group. Organic growth and acquisitions mean that two thirds of our employees and the majority of our revenue are now generated outside the UK, however, we don’t use any special purpose vehicles to reduce our UK tax exposure.

Help customers understand the connections between cost levers and price

When preparing to outsource, the final wish list, coming as it does from many different stakeholders with different agendas, can be extensive. Computacenter’s first approach is, to ensure compliance to the request. However, we will also expect to work with the customer to take an overall view of the organisation’s needs, investigating consolidated and alternative solutions that give the same outcome, but perhaps offer greater efficiency, flexibility and better value for money.

Open book pricing & transparent cost models

Driven by our attitude towards risk, clarity, transparency and value we offer ‘no surprises’ in our commercial model; we do not hide behind low offers and high change control; we do not base our contracts on unmanageable future business revenues. We are clear and pragmatic, and seek to earn a fair reward for a job well done. We encourage our clients to work with us during the competitive procurement phase, to test our commercial landscapes and compare them with our competitors.