Collaborating with organisations small, medium and large

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Collaborating with organisations small, medium and large

As the UK’s largest IT service provider and reseller by revenue, we are supportive of the Government’s SME spend target.

Small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) businesses are the backbone of the UK economy, driving growth, opening new markets and creating jobs, so their contribution and partnership are important to Computacenter.

We partner with SMEs because they offer innovative solutions and flexible service outcomes which are fundamental to the overall end-user experience we provide to our customers.

It’s important to us that Public Sector organisations we work with have access to the necessary IT knowledge and expertise, are more efficient in delivering their objectives such as citizen satisfaction, can improve their employee engagement, and see the return on investments.

Right from our early beginnings we’ve been working closely together with SMEs and believe unlocking their and our potential will give access to a wider network of opportunities, boost economic growth, and enrich social well-being of the nation.

Rob Illsley, Global Service Partner Director at Computacenter, on the importance of collaboration

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Social Value

Computacenter and many of its customers are firmly committed to delivering social value outcomes as part of how we operate. For this reason, social value will play a part in how we assess and select SME partners for work with some of our customers:

The social value criteria and outcomes will include some or all of the following:

  • Covid-19 Recovery
    • Policy Outcome 1 – Help local communities to manage and recover from the impact of Covid-19
  • Tackling economic inequality
    • Policy Outcome 2 – Create new businesses, new jobs and new skills
    • Policy Outcome 3 – Increase supply chain resilience and capacity
  • Fighting climate change
    • Policy Outcome 4 – Effective stewardship of the environment
  • Equal Opportunities
    • Policy Outcome 5 – Reduce the disability employment gap
    • Policy Outcome 6 – Tackle workforce inequality
  • Wellbeing
    • Policy Outcome 7 – Improve health and wellbeing
    • Policy Outcome 8 – Improve community integration

Working with Computacenter

Over four decades, Computacenter has grown materially from a single location business to an international company. As we grow, maintaining the values and culture that we hold dear and that have made us the company that we are today, become even more important.

Our Winning Together values drive our behaviours so that together we can deliver their best for Computacenter and its customers. Our values impact everyone and everything, and will help us build a business for the long term.

Computacenter always endeavours to collaborate with our SMEs from the outset of a tender process, providing adequate and realistic timescales to provide tenders to us to support our work with our customers. We try, where customer processes permit it, to avoid requiring SMEs to work on tenders during key national holidays.

Getting paid

We are working to align with the Government’s goal of payment to SMEs being made within 30 days. Our policies, procedures and reporting of payment practices are all in line with the requirements of the Prompt payment code.

SMEs can find our “How to get paid” guide on our website here.