Protecting our customers from security threats

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Facing the future with confidence

Faced with increasing cybersecurity attacks, the UK is now realising the importance of data protection. With increased adoption of e-government the public are reliant on government departments to hold their data securely with stable and resilient technology.

Watch Jess Savage and Shreya Rughani, both Security Specialists at Computacenter, explain why they want to help the UK Government give confidence to UK citizens that their data is secure.

Facing the future with confidence

Watch Here

We design & deliver using commercial best practices, ensuring proportionate security controls are in place

Our customers’ personal, physical and information security controls are based on commercial good practice.

Computacenter has the expertise to master the complex security challenges you face. We deliver a cohesive and holistic security portfolio, from endpoint security through to cyber defence and every layer in between. This is business-enabling security, establishing a seamless, secure working experience to maximise your digital ambitions.

Our approach to security is truly end-to-end. We will help you negotiate the intricate vendor and technology landscape, procuring and provisioning security hardware and software at scale. We can do this through our extensive knowledge and expertise in office and industrial IT.

The result is a security solution designed and built around your specific business needs, while reducing operational cost, improving service quality, and protecting your business data, identity, devices and work. This is Digital Trust in action, protecting your business, people and reputation every day.

Invested in the cyber essentials programme

We understand that to deliver a successful security proposition to any organisation, it is necessary to go back to basics, starting with revisiting policies.

We have revisited our own security policies, making sure they reflect our business as it is now. This helped us understand what the biggest risks to our business are, and what needs to change for those risks to be uncontrolled; looking at our control systems and asking - are they too complex? do they really help or hinder our business? and then looking at the stuff we commit to doing every day – is it actually being done?

Patching, scanning for vulnerabilities, hardening our builds, segmenting our networks and introducing encryption or robust authentication has given us a strong baseline to adopt this way of working, to help our customers move on to the new things. As a result of this process, Computacenter has achieved Cyber Essentials certification.

The advantages of having this means:

  • Our customers have the reassurance that we work to keep their IT environment and data secure against cyber attacks
  • We attract new business with the promise that we take cyber security seriously
  • We build relationships with our customers and vendors as a trusted IT supplier

Proven capability to iso27001/20000/9001 standards

Computacenter is driven by quality. Our high performance culture focusses on service excellence, measuring staff against our Winning Together Values of:

  • Putting customers first
  • Being straightforward
  • Keeping promises
  • Understanding people matter
  • Considering the long term and Inspiring success

This means that our customers get a high quality, consistent levels of service.

Computacenter (UK) has a Quality Management System in place in accordance with our British Standard Institute ISO 9001:2008 registration. This management system is a framework for managing and improving Computacenter's policies, procedures and processes. ISO 9001 is also the framework for ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System) and ISO 20000-1 (IT Service Management System).

Proven capability to ISO27001/20000/9001 standards:

  • UK locations, people & processes are certified to ISO27001;
  • We have a customer site specific ISO27001 certification in addition to the corporate certification (FCO);
  • Our overseas delivery locations are also certified to ISO27001

Over 20 years’ experience and 50+ security certifications

We bring expertise to every stage of the information and cyber security cycle - from protection and detection to reaction and prevention.

By partnering with Computacenter to address current and future security challenges, customers can minimise business risk while maximising productivity and profitability.

We have a 200-strong team of highly skilled security experts with certifications in more than 20 security solutions, including firewalls, mail gateways, authentication and DDoS protection

We have strategic partnerships with all the major security vendors, including Cisco, Check Point, F5, Juniper, McAfee, Palo Alto Networks, RSA, Symantec, Splunk, Trend and VMware.

Key Stats:

  • Dedicated security practice with 20+ years' experience
  • Over 3.8 million user devices and 7.2 million events managed per year
  • 50+ security certifications
  • Purpose built Cyber Defence Center
  • 150+ security experts