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Collaborating effectively to deliver digital transformation for the police

Police forces are under constant pressure to deliver with limited budgets. Changing threats from criminals and a lack of resources have reduced effectiveness to meet public demand. To achieve the desired outcomes it is essential that the Police 2025 vision can enable collaboration across government, between themselves and an ecosystem of partners to drive transformational change. New digital ways of working needs to be embraced by digital thinking and with it provide the frontline officers the tools, processes and governance to enable them to be more effective.

Computacenter is fully committed to this vision to help the Police make the UK and Better and safer place to live and work.

Why Computacenter

  • Trusted and Dedicated Police Team aligned to 2025 vision
  • Largest VAR with key framework routes to market
  • Highest Accreditations and Key Police Vendor relationships
  • NPVV, SC and DV cleared resources

Police Frameworks

Computacenter enables police forces and their procurement departments to maximise the value from technology investment through under-pinning police technology sourcing frameworks
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Digital technology: Enabling collaboration to fight crime

James Searle talks about the recent research paper conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Computacenter, and how digital technology is a crucial to fighting crime.

Police & Computacenter

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Our Capabilities

We are a trusted technology partner to large corporate and public sector organisations. We help them to Source, Transform and Manage their technology infrastructure to deliver technology transformation, enabling users and their business. Our ability to design, source, integrate, deploy and support means we can add value in delivering new digital solutions to your organisation.

When looking at rival force’s crimefighting performances and figures across the UK 71% say technology has had an important/significant impact on these results.


Just under three quarters of respondents (74%) state that bobbies on the beat are asking for more devices, with just over 7 in 10 (71%) stating they are also asking for easier to use IT devices/systems.