Enabling Digital Education

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Who we are

As one of the largest providers of Technology Sourcing for hardware and software we get to see first hand the challenges that you face with enabling digital education.

Whilst major strides forward have been made unfortunately it remains complex, costly and at times frustrating to implement quickly.

That is why we have brought our scale, best practices and optimised delivery together in a framework that can deliver measurable benefits to help you move faster and at lower cost.

You have our commitment as the UK’s largest provider of Technology Souring and services to help you succeed not matter how large or small the steps you need to take.

Laura Larwood
Client Director Education

What we do

With ICT providing a critical role in UK education policy, Computacenter is committed to helping educators and their students harness safe, sustainable and future-shaping Technology solutions. While COVID-19 highlighted the power of technology to help connect and support children and young people, the platforms created to meet urgent learning needs can now be used to shape the teacher and student experience for the future.

In the UK, the digital skills shortage has created demand and competition for talent in an employment landscape where the need for basic digital skills is almost universal. Through integrating technology into the learning experience, we can help to prepare future generations of talented people to perform jobs that don’t even exist yet.

In parallel, we want to play our part in making the teaching profession a destination career supporting collaboration, innovation and work/life balance for the people that help shape the future of the UK. Through applying our 40 years of experience helping private and public sector organisations realise their investments in IT to deliver better outcomes, Computacenter can help to accelerate the digital transformation for schools and colleges, increasing digital literacy and improving the teaching and learning experience for all.

Why work with us?

  • Relationship with over 22,000 schools UK wide and are a strategic Partner to the DfE.
  • Proven capability in assisting schools to advance their technology through the Get Help for Tech Programme during the pandemic
  • Currently delivering a 2,000 school network refresh is Scotland – from surveys through procurement to delivery and support
  • We have a team of accredited engineers who are experienced in deploying networks into school environments with minimum disruption on budget and on time. We are focussed on delivering the best outcome to Enable Digital Education.

Education Frameworks

Computacenter is committed to helping educators and their procurement departments to maximise the value from technology investment through under-pinning education technology sourcing frameworks
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Why Computacenter?

  • We have proven end-to-end services to help define your digital strategy, get best value for money and choose the right technologies for educational needs
  • We have relationships with over 1,100 IT vendors and 4,000 manufacturers, providing choice and flexibility to help address individual and specific needs
  • We are trusted by our customers to provide secure, connected IT solutions that keep people connected wherever they are UK headquartered and tax paying, we are committed to helping develop children and young people to build a sustainable future
  • We’re also investing in the UK’s future with our Future Talents programme, which includes IT apprenticeships, STEM outreach in schools, and a prestigious graduate programme

Mail Force computers for kids

Computacenter is proud to be the IT partner for the Daily’s Mail’s Computers for Kids scheme. The Mail Force charity was set up in 2020 to help healthcare workers and volunteers obtain essential personal protective equipment (PPE). In early 2021, the charity turned its attention to helping keep children and young people connected and learning when they couldn’t be in a school setting. The money raised in this campaign is being used to get schoolchildren online so they can do the work set by their teachers.

Our role is to collect the laptops provided by businesses across the UK and safely refurbish them before distributing them to the schools that need them. Not only is this delivering tens of thousands of computers to children and young people throughout the UK, but it is also contributing to reducing the environmental impact of technology through reusing devices that might otherwise have been disposed.

Mail Force is a registered charity established and supported by the Daily Mail and General Trust, which owns the Mail newspaper.

Higher Education

An attractive digital offering encompasses not just how, when and where learning is delivered from, but also includes the ability to access content, platforms, and information seamlessly in a form that gives Students the advantage they are looking for in their early careers.
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Computacenter’s digital assessment services

We place students and teachers at the heart of everything we do, increasing engagement and enhancing learning outcomes through better adoption and enablement of technology
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