Higher Education

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An attractive digital offering encompasses not just how, when and where learning is delivered from, but also includes the ability to access content, platforms, and information seamlessly in a form that gives Students the advantage they are looking for in their early careers. Students want an experience that will help them realise their full potential - regardless of their background or location, and they do not want to be encumbered with bureaucracy or digital barriers to prevent them learning effectively. Universities are increasingly looking for a consistent international experience as competition drives the need to attract both local country and international students. The ability to access programmes and IT platforms from anywhere in the world will be an attraction that would improve student participation as well as increase University revenues.

Outstanding universities are a combination of high performing, engaged students, excellent academics and thought leading research. Trying to create this finely balanced eco-system in today’s technologically advanced world, where expectations are sky high, is trickier than ever.

High tuition fees mean students have greater expectations of their onsite and remote learning and if unsatisfied, the threat of dropout threatens institutions budgets.

To accommodate the hybrid environment lecturers are under more pressure to create compelling content which works wherever it is delivered. This in turn is time consuming and means finding ways to accelerate progress is of increasing importance.

Research grants are also getting more and more competitive and have greater standards of compliance, especially when it comes to security and data, not to mention the expectation that academics will be supported with increasingly high levels of technological support and freedom.

Universities that are evolving with these changes are the ones creating more morphing into:

  • More flexible environments
  • With more agile support
  • With more agile financing models which can flex with change.

Universities Frameworks

Computacenter enables higher education institutions and their procurement departments to maximise the value from technology investment through under-pinning education technology sourcing frameworks
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Helping to deliver a richer student experience

Computacenter helps higher education institutions maximise connectivity, security and flexibility to support blended learning on a global scale
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Computacenter and Aruba

Discover how Computacenter and Aruba can help you respond to the hybrid learning challenge with stronger security, better connectivity and richer insights.
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Why Computacenter & Higher Education

We have over 40 years’ experience in successfully delivering IT services and solutions to public sector customers. Using our industry knowledge and advisory framework, we can provide insights and actionable plans to assist your security strategy.

  • Headquartered in the UK, we employ more than 16,000 people and are committed to operating ethically and inclusively.
  • We invest in the UK’s future with our Future Talent Programme, which includes IT apprenticeships, STEM outreach in schools, and a prestigious graduate programme
  • As part of our ‘people matter’ vision, we are committed to helping develop young people to build a sustainable future
  • Proudly based in the UK with sustainable operations and a transparent tax strategy
  • We have relationships with more than 1,100 IT vendors and 4,000 manufacturers, including specialists’ providers of higher education’s apps and platforms

How Computacenter can help

Computacenter can help Higher Education institutions with the challenges they are facing. By accelerating the shift to digital, universities and colleges will be able to provide students, faculty, and administrative staff with exceptional digital experiences. We can help by:

  • Improving access to information regarding student behaviours and experience.
  • Supporting the delivery of new Hybrid student learning experiences via Digital collaboration tools and virtualised services.
  • Improving and transforming Network and Workplace IT infrastructure.
  • Providing a modern secure infrastructure protecting from an ever-increasing cyber threat.
  • Lowering operational costs or providing consistent global services
  • Rationalising the IT supply chain and simplifying procurement


Healthcare professionals have been stretched beyond all imagination during Covid19. If nothing else, the global pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of healthcare as part of the NHS Long Term Plan.
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With ICT providing a critical role in UK education policy, Computacenter is committed to helping educators and their students harness safe, sustainable and future-shaping Technology solutions.
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