Delivering outcomes to improve the citizen experience

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Increasing employee engagement and user productivity

Department of Education partnered with Computacenter to support its plan for modernisation. As part of the project, Computacenter helped roll out 4,000 user devices, which are instrumental to the department’s digital ambitions.

Simplifying tech to make digital work for government, it's users and it's citizens

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, Worcestershire Health & Care NHS Trust and Worcestershire’s three Clinical Commissioning Groups have signed a shared ICT services contract that will improve the reliability of core clinical systems as well as the availability of electronic patient records and other important information.

Helping customers navigate and implement government’s ‘cloud first’ strategy

To deliver the best outcomes, this government organisation needs to digitalise and optimise its data and processes to help thousands of employees across the UK work more effectively. To achieve this goal, the organisation is deploying a new network that will provide users with easier and faster access to the information they need on a daily basis. Safeguarding the security of the network will be vital to its success.

Sharing extensive customer success stories across government and wider public sector

Computacenter maintains a valid list of customer stories that highlight the depth and breadth of the IT industry experience and innovative solutions for national and global companies. Follow the stories around the challenges of our customers, and how we were able to help with a convincing user and business outcome to help the CIO drive business objectives.