Circular Services

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Lifecycle management building environmental and economic value

We help our customers realise the value of technology that is approaching the end of its intended first use. We manage the recovery, redeployment, reuse, or recycling of equipment to minimise the impact and demand on our environment. This capability allows businesses to recover capital from their technology purchases whilst reducing the rate of equipment turnover and subsequent environmental impact. These services are underpinned by secure collection, processing, and data sanitisation standards, with asset identification, audit and reporting delivered as standard.

Product & Service Offerings

Within the management & optimisation streams, the services we offer to help our customers achieve this outcome include:


Where hardware that had failed can be recovered to an agreed standard, we may then agree with our customers that it is eligible for redeployment within their environment. In these instances, once the agreed level of data cleansing and reconfiguration is complete, we then redistribute within our customer’s estate. This process not only delivers operational benefits, but also helps our customers realise both commercial and carbon savings compared with the respective costs of replacing with a newly-manufactured equivalent.


For recovered assets that a customer is unable or unwilling to redeploy within their own environment, residual value can still be recovered through remarketing via the secondary market following data sanitisation and reconfiguration. Alternatively, such hardware may be designated for charitable donation, depending on the focus and objectives of the customer’s sustainability strategy.


Any hardware which is not able to be recovered to a usable standard is processed by our expert recycling teams, maximising recovery of any residual value and minimising environmental impact, in accordance with all relevant legislation and recognised best practices. Working components are recovered from non-functional equipment and redundant components are sorted and processed to maximise recovery of raw materials, which are then returned to the supply chain to manufacture, repair or upgrade products. Any remaining, non-recyclable material is then incinerated to recover energy, with residue sent to landfill as an inert soil (representing less than 1% of total waste).

Asset recovery and recycling

At Computacenter’s state-of-the-art Circular Services Centers, we leverage our insight and experience to help customers recover the most value from their used equipment. We can help customers recover capital by securely cleaning devices before remarketing or redeploying them in another area of the business. When devices aren’t fit for purpose, our industry-leading recycling facilities can separate and help extract raw materials which can be used in the next generation of technology. Computacenter’s recycling program can provide detailed reporting of all input/output data and prevent up to 99.9% of landfill disposal. Computacenter is the only IT recycling company in the UK that returns raw materials to manufacturers, completing the circular life of each device.

Our Circular Services Centers

Inside our state-of-the-art Circular Services Centers, built specifically to manage the responsible recovery and recycling of IT equipment, devices are securely delivered, assessed, then actioned based on their health and age. Our circular services capabilities are undertaken at strategically located secure facilities to ensure that device and lifecycle management is always within reach, giving customers piece of mind about their assets, and the opportunity to reduce their environmental impact.

Selected Certifications

ISO 9001-14001_2
ISO 9001-14001_2
ISO 9001-14001_2

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