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Image in a timeline for 2024

Opening of new state-of-the-art office in Bengaluru that will…

  • serve as a central hub for our operations in India
  • support our customers globally
  • enhance our service offerings and operational efficiency to meet the evolving needs of our customers
Image in a timeline for 2021

  • Delivered one of the world’s largest and fastest windows device deployments (over 1.3 million) in UK.
  • Acquisition of ITL Logistics in Germany.
  • Computacenter’s 40th birthday’.
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Image in a timeline for 2020

  • Acquisition of Pivot in United States & Canada.
  • Acquisition of BT’s domestic operations in France.
Image in a timeline for 2019

  • Opening of the new state of the art Integration Center in Kerpen, Germany.
  • Computacenter acquires the IT Asset Disposal business RDC in the UK.
Image in a timeline for 2018

  • Establishment of Computacenter Ireland.
  • Acquisition of Fusionstorm in US & Misco Solutions in The Netherlands.
Image in a timeline for 2017

  • Computacenter achieves over £100m Profit (PBT) for the first time.
  • Acquisition of TeamUltra – a ServiceNow Gold Services Partner.
Image in a timeline for 2016

  • Computacenter establishes its own presence with 600 employees across the region - in the US and Mexico City Service Center.
Image in a timeline for 2012-2015

  • Establishment of Computacenter India.
  • International Service Center opens in Budapest, Hungary.
Image in a timeline for 2005-2011

  • Opening of Gonesse Integration Center in north-eastern Paris, France.
  • Significant growth in international managed service contracts.
  • Acquisition of Damax in Switzerland.
Image in a timeline for 2006

  • Our service facilities are extended with new Service Center in Barcelona and through the acquisition of Digica, in Cape Town, South Africa.
Image in a timeline for 2004-2005

  • Establishment of Computacenter US Inc. to support global service contracts.
  • Acquisition of GE CompuNet in Germany.
Image in a timeline for 2000-2001

  • Computacenter Belgium is established.
  • Opening of Europe’s largest state-of-the-art Integration Center in Hatfield, UK.
Image in a timeline for 1998

  • On 21 May 1998 Computacenter successfully floats on the London Stock Exchange.
Image in a timeline for 1995

  • Computacenter France becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Computacenter.
Image in a timeline for 1994

  • Mike Norris is appointed as Chief Executive Officer.
  • Computacenter becomes the largest UK privately owned IT company.
Image in a timeline for 1991

  • Computacenter begins to deliver the first End User managed services contract for a major UK banking organisation.
Image in a timeline for 1981

  • Computacenter was formed by two British entrepreneurs, Peter Ogden and Philip Hulme.