Our Values

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These are the values on which we built this company and they are the values on which we will continue to grow Computacenter.

Mike Norris, CEO
Launch video Photo of Mike Norris, CEO

We win by

Putting customers first

We work hard to get to know our customers, understand their needs and put them at the heart of everything we do. This lets us use our skills and experience to help them in the right way at the right time.

Keeping promises

We’re straightforward, open and honest in all of our dealings. We’re pragmatic and do our very best to keep our promises. When that’s difficult, we help our customers find other ways to solve their problems.

Making sure our scientists have the right IT to support furthering our scientific research is critically important… The advantages for us are that Computacenter really understand our business.

Associate Director of Operational Technology, Met Office

Once again, we found we could rely on Computacenter as a service and solutions oriented partner that is totally customer-friendly, punctual and pragmatic.

Project Manager, gkv informatik

We do it together by

Understanding people matter

We’re committed to being diverse and inclusive. We build supportive, rewarding relationships and celebrate success. We’re proud of the people we work with and we treat people as we expect them to treat us.

Considering the long term

We’re building a sustainable and efficient business for the long term. This leads our decisions and actions and helps people trust us.

I’ve a lot of confidence in the TfL/CC partnership helping our users do better jobs for London – as we share common values, particularly putting users at the heart of everything that we do.

Head of Technology Service Operations, Transport for London

Computacenter has been an important and competent partner for many years. Our teams work closely together on an equal footing and the cooperation is outstanding. In this project, which ran swiftly and extremely smoothly, we were once again able to rely on the expertise provided by the specialists at Computacenter.

Bromium Product Manager, Dataport

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