Our Purpose Helping our customers change the world

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Our customers are some of the world’s greatest organisations. We work hard to get to know them, understand their needs and put them at the heart of everything we do. We work relentlessly to build their long-term trust, so they can rely on us in a complex and ever-changing world.

Our business model is based on enabling success by building long-term trust with our customers, our people, our partners, our communities and our shareholders. In doing so, we leverage our long-term investment in our infrastructure and physical assets and place great confidence in the depth of our skills and knowledge of our teams.

Our Story

1 What we’ve built

We're proud of
what we’ve achieved

  • We've earned the trust of some of the world’s greatest organisations.
  • We've built powerful partnerships with the world’s leading technology vendors.
  • We are a responsible business that has grown in capability, reach and reputation.
  • Together, we have created a can-do culture where people matter and are encouraged to thrive.

2Our programmes of change

But we must be
even better

  • We must work relentlessly for and with our customers so that we win, grow and succeed together.
  • We must drive greater efficiency in how we work, and leverage our scale to benefit customers.
  • We must execute with pace by empowering our people to meet customer needs faster.
  • We must uphold consistently high standards, so that our customers can always trust and rely on us.

3 Our strategic priorities

By being focused and
confident in what we do

  • We retain and maximise the relationships with our large corporate and public sector customers over the long term.
  • We build unrivalled value for our target market customers by combining our service and product capabilities.
  • We lead with and grow our Services.
  • We improve our productivity and enhance our competitiveness by leveraging our scale and building efficiencies.

4Winning Together

And staying true to
our values and principles

  • We win by putting customers first and keeping our promises.
  • We do it together by understanding that people matter and considering the long term.
  • We believe in delivering positive social impact with a focus on our people.
  • We take a responsible approach across our operations, including our environmental impact.

5How we help customers

Enabling success by
building long-term trust

  • We always seek to understand what success means for our customers.
  • We harness our independence, experience and scale.
  • We adapt to meet the specific needs of each customer.
  • Our customers can rely on us in a complex and ever-changing world.

6Our Purpose and Ambitions

Helping our customers
change the world

  • Our customers will strongly recommend us for the way we help them achieve their goals.
  • We'll be the preferred route to market for technology vendors, who can rely on our reach and scale.
  • People will want to join us, stay with us, and grow with us.
  • We'll be a trusted, agile and innovative provider of technology and services across the world.