0 of Group energy used is sourced from renewable energy
3 Locations with on-site solar: Hatfield (UK), Kerpen (Germany), and Livermore (USA)

Clean Energy Leader of the Year (2022)

Onsite solar energy to power the next generation of computing


In delivering for our people and customers, everything we do requires energy. The more efficient our usage can become, the less we need to consume. The more clean energy we can produce ourselves, the less we need to draw from the grids where we operate. This helps us on our journey toward Net Zero, an ambition needed to protect our people, planet, and global communities.


Our first solar installation was completed in 2020 at Computacenter’s Hatfield Headquarters. This 1.9MW system is amongst the biggest private solar arrays in the UK and provides over 25% of the operational energy used onsite. Covering the roof of our Integration Center, this capability helps us eliminate over 1,100 tonnes of CO2e per year. This energy is also used to power electric vehicle charging points located around the campus, further reducing direct emissions.


Building upon success


Following the accomplishment of the Hatfield installation, in 2022, Computacenter turned on its latest facility in Kerpen. The solar car park generates an estimated 750,000 kW of electricity per year via 2,016 solar modules – the equivalent capacity to power over 240 homes. Combined with the solar panels installed on the roof of the accompanying Integration Center, we estimate that we will be able to generate between 45% and 60% of Kerpen's total energy usage. These installations will also allow us to achieve CO2e savings of approximately 718 tonnes per year.


We have also completed the installation of our newest solar array at our Livermore Integration Center in California. With over 1200 panels across a 750,000 kW system, this installation will help us avoid a further 140 tCO2e per year.


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Driving change


By investing in renewable energy onsite, we’re helping fuel the next generation of positive change for our people and planet. We’re proud to host electric vehicle charging points, powered by our own solar arrays, which employees, visitors, and customers can use when driving an electric vehicle to a Computacenter location. We are committed to increasing the share of electric vehicles within our own fleet which means we must invest in the infrastructure to support our ambitions. Our charging facilities have become popular amongst our drivers who are increasingly transitioning to zero-emissions vehicles.


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