Supporting People and Communities Around the World 


At Computacenter, around the world, our people are key to enabling success for our own business and our customers’ too. We are guided by company values that are at the heart of how we operate as a business and are used in every aspect of our people engagements, from recruitment through to recognition, and throughout our people's career development. With activities across multiple sectors, covering different areas of technology, and operating across a diverse range of geographies, our people make everything we do possible and create the first pillar of our sustainability strategy.


Social value within Computacenter cannot be reduced to metrics alone which is why we are committed to addressing the lived experiences of our people, from supply chain to new recruits, creating a better tomorrow for our people and communities. As we commit to an even brighter future ahead, we have instituted a framework of values and programmes to support our people both at work and through their engagement with the communities that we operate in.


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People Vision


Our business is about technology. But first of all, it's about people.


At Computacenter we have brilliant people driving brilliant outcomes, each and every day. To truly enable our people to be the best they can be and deliver for our customers, we must attract and inspire the best talent in the markets we operate in. We develop and train our talent to reach their full potential, delivering great service for our customers, and driving engagement across the business.


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Our Values


Winning Together


Over the last 40 years, Computacenter has grown from a single location business to an international company. As we grow, maintaining the values and culture that we hold dear have helped make us the company that we are today.


Our Winning Together values drive our culture so our people can continue to deliver for Computacenter and our customers. Our values impact everyone and everything, and will help us build a business for the long term.


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Fostering Engagement


We know engagement is key to our success and that a highly engaged workforce helps us deliver better outcomes for our customers.


We have a number of different forums for engaging with our people. These include our People Panel, surveys, unions and our employee assistance programmes. We also have Works Councils in several European countries, as well as an overall European Works Council. These meet regularly with the Group Executive team and other senior managers.


Ros Rivaz is our nominated Non-Executive Director aligned to our people. She engages with groups such as our European Works Councils and our UK National Forum and attends People Panel and Employee Impact Group sessions. This allows her to gain direct insight from employees and share it with the Board, ensuring that their input is taken into account. These interactions are highly appreciated by the employee groups and feedback regarding Ros’s engagement is unanimously positive.


The pandemic has required us to remain connected with our people in different ways, recognising the pressures they face at home and at work. We communicate regularly on any changes to working practices, following government guidance, while also implementing our hybrid-working principles. These balance the need to be together for collaboration, learning, development and engagement, while enabling home and remote working, and recognising our people’s preferences. This process is supported by local “spotlight” surveys, which we run to collect feedback from groups of our people.


During November 2021, we ran a comprehensive global employee survey, which reviewed all aspects of how our people feel about working at Computacenter. We were pleased with the results, gaining a score of 82% for sustainable engagement.


Reward & Recognition


We ensure that our reward and recognition models are
applied fairly and aligned with performance.


Meritocracy is at the heart of our pay philosophy with our goal being to align pay with each individual’s contribution. As part of this, we carry out annual pay reviews for all our employees across the globe and ensure that we meet any legislative requirements in the countries that we operate in, including equal pay and national minimum wages.


In March 2020, we launched a global peer-to-peer recognition tool called ‘Bravo!’ This allows our people to immediately recognise and thank one another for their valuable contributions in the workplace. The tool also allows managers to award points for exceptional performance and practice, which are redeemable with selected retailers or may be donated to selected charities in-country. The next step in our journey with Bravo! was the launch of Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards in 2021. These rewards are specifically targeted at those who demonstrate our values to the highest possible standard.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Wellbeing


Driving a healthy, diverse, and inclusive business is important for our people and our business.


One of the most important factors in Computacenter’s growth as a global business is ensuring that all our people feel valued, respected, and supported to reach their full potential. High performing teams with diverse experience, skill sets, and new perspectives give us a strong competitive advantage and allow us to provide the best service to our customers. The Group has a dedicated D&I manager who works closely with our HR managers and Business Partners to embed D&I into our people vision.


To focus our D&I work, we target pillars which were developed by our people. These include Culture, Gender, Accessibility & Wellbeing, Age and Life Balance.


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We recognise the importance of delivering social value through our internal and external communities and support our people to deliver activities where they can make the most difference through selected charity partners, social outreach, and volunteering.


Our main aims are to:


  • demonstrate our commitment to the wider community;
  • motivate staff by encouraging teambuilding activities in a worthwhile cause; and
  • communicate Computacenter’s core values to customers, staff, and other stakeholders. We continue to support initiatives to raise money for local charities, as well as supporting activities proposed and run by our employees.


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