Driving change for our people and planet through customer solutions.


The third pillar of the Computacenter sustainability strategy is focused on helping customers achieve their sustainability objectives through the intelligent enablement of technology. We leverage our capabilities and partnerships with leading technology providers to provide solutions that support the sustainability goals of our customers and our industry.


With a wealth of experience in technology sourcing, comprehensive vendor relationships with global scale, and access to facilities such as our own circular services arm, Computacenter is well positioned to help customers excel in their sustainability agenda. Computacenter is working actively with vendors to build transparency throughout the technology sourcing portfolio and help customers make informed decisions on their sustainability roadmap.


As important as the beginning of the technology lifecycle, the end of life and mid-life value remain important aspects of any sourcing decisions. Computacenter will offer honest and straightforward advice on how to extract the most value from your solution and help build responsible lifecycle management into the roadmap. With state-of-the-art facilities ready to resource, revalue, redeploy, and recycle, Computacenter’s specialised circular services offer unparalleled scope and scale.

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