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Simplified and harmonised data center operations for the multi-cloud era

Within DigitalPower, Computacenter’s Data Center and Cloud portfolio, we harness the power of Nutanix enterprise cloud offerings to build and operate powerful multi-cloud architectures, simplifying IT management and improving operational efficiency. These fully software-based tools pull cloud data center resources together into a highly performing, resilient full infrastructure stack, that integrates compute, virtualisation, storage, networking and security with enough power to run any application.

Computacenter and Nutanix have provided many successful solutions to our customers, particularly in the financial services, e-gaming, central local government, retail and utilities sectors. We support organisations in their digital transformation and hybrid cloud adoption, particularly providing hyper-converged infrastructures, multi-cloud governance and cost optimisation.



  • Nutanix Platform Professional
  • Nutanix Consulting Partner Installation Certification
  • Nutanix Platform Sales Representative
  • Nutanix System Engineering Specialist

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