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Providing cyber security solutions to business and government

Computacenter and Check Point have together been delivering end-to-end cyber security solutions for over 15 years. The power of this relationship has driven investment which makes industry-leading skills available to our customers and ensures a holistic engagement. Our shared knowledge and experience enable organizations to understand the threats they face, then design and manage security solutions built around their specific business needs. Check Point’s multilevel security architecture, including Next Generation Threat Prevention, Next Generation Firewall and Sandblast fits within Computacenter’s DigitalTrust security portfolio, ensuring protection across the workplace, mobile, network and cloud.

Proven solutions

Protecting critical infrastructure from cyberattacks poses unique challenges. The environments can be harsh, and systems often use specialized protocols. Computacenter’s ability to source efficiently, transform the security framework and then manage it, coupled with Check Point’s ICS/SCADA cyber security solutions, provide advanced end-to-end threat prevention. These may then be paired with ruggedized appliance options and comprehensive protocol support to ensure vital assets such as power generation facilities, traffic control systems, water treatment systems and factories are never compromised.

Retail: Protection is vital from cyberattacks such as malware, remote threats and data theft, while maintaining reliable connectivity for secure financial transactions from the Point of Sale to the data center.

Financial Services: Here cyber security is a profoundly complex, multifaceted ecosystem that demands advanced protection from sophisticated cyber threats. From advanced persistent threats to compliance, to protection of high-value endpoints, Check Point offers integrated solutions that address the finance industry’s unique challenges.

Public Sector: Government institutions, both large and small, have struggled for years to keep pace with malicious hackers and insider threats. Cybercrime is becoming innovative and ruthless, and therefore government agencies and federal institutions need to look beyond traditional methods to prevent cyber espionage and ensure the protection of sensitive data and critical infrastructure.

Healthcare: This industry has unique cyber security challenges – to meet the demand for data, to protect highly sensitive patient information from advanced attacks, all while maintaining compliance with regulations and policy. Today’s organizations need an integrated healthcare security solution that touches all points – a single architecture that combines high performance network security with real-time proactive protections.



  • Check Point Certified Support Provider
  • Managed Services Provider
  • Appliance Onsite Support Provider
  • CloudGuard Partner
  • Quantum Maestro Partner
  • Harmony Partner (Email, Endpoint and Mobile)
  • Quantum SMB
  • CloudGuard Partner


Recent Awards

  • Cloud Partner of the Year 2024 – UK&I
  • Cloud Partner of the Year 2024 – EMEA
  • Cloud Provider of the Year 2023 – UK&I


Helping you to deliver secure business in a volatile world.
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