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Discover Computacenter & AWS

As businesses push to accelerate their digital transformation with public cloud, the need to move quickly often results in a disjointed approach that’s difficult to control and govern.

Achieving true scale in the public cloud is complex business. With our DigitalPower Public Cloud approach, we can cut out the complexity, and get public cloud powering forward. Our Amazon Web Services and solutions can be delivered as part of this approach.

Computacenter provides a range of services to help you scale and accelerate your public cloud operations using AWS, ensuring governance and security, and helping you to maximise the benefit of your consumption and financial commitment.

Many customers are looking to accelerate the adoption of AWS, for that, we have 4 focus areas with a set of services that help customers get there. These services around VMware cloud on AWS or AWS Marketplace, AWS Foundation Services and Mass Migration are laser focused to either remove blockers, reduce friction or just make the transformation into the public cloud more seamless.

Computacenter & AWS Foundation Services

Many Enterprise organisations are accustomed to delivering traditional, steady state IT Operations. The adoption of the cloud and the new technologies coupled with vastly different processes and procedures can result in a level of operational complexity and unforeseen issues. Computacenter’s AWS Operational Foundation Solution is designed to help clients build the right operational model with the right technical foundation to successfully run workloads in AWS.

Our AWS Foundation Services leverages our consultancy capability to advise, design and implement capability within AWS based on our experience and best practice around elements specific to AWS. We work with customers to identify specific areas of capability that need development within AWS and then build an architecture and design based around their needs and their business requirements.

Computacenter & AWS Mass Migration

Most enterprise organisations are structured and skilled at deploying and operating traditional IT platforms and applications. These teams may struggle in today’s climate to find the expertise and experience to successfully migrate a large number of applications to AWS in a secure, consistent and efficient manner, removing as much legacy technical debt as possible in the process. Computacenter’s Migration Service is designed to help clients migrate applications at speed in a controlled and efficient way.

At Computacenter we can work with you to migrate workloads in an “AWS” way. Where possible, we will be looking to “re-deploy” workloads rather than migrate “as is”. This will allow us to leverage several key capabilities of AWS such as common AMIs and automated build capability. The service will migrate a workload but depends on both the discovery and landing zone activity already being completed.

VMware cloud on AWS

VMware cloud on AWS is specifically designed to remove the complexity when migrating your applications from your current on-premises infrastructure into the cloud by providing like for like compatibility. Use VMware’s proven enterprise capabilities on AWS. We can support the migration of your VMware workloads from your own private infrastructure to AWS. Alongside increased agility and scalability, there is simple connectivity to the native AWS services, meaning getting going on using the AWS public cloud becomes much simpler and easier with your existing enterprise applications.

To support the decision around VMC on AWS, we have a variety of services designed to help you see the commercial and technical benefits before you even start. We can use our experienced VMware consultants to ensure your existing on-premises VMware environment is “ready to go” and then provide the required design and implementation experience to get this up and running quickly and you’ll be moving workloads to the cloud in no time.

Computacenter & AWS Marketplace

As organisations drive their adoption of public cloud its quite normal for them to need new services and software that they don’t use in their on-premises environments. These ISV products can either be completely new or cloud versions of the ones they use today. Being able to discover, purchase and deploy these technologies quickly is massively important.

Computacenter can help by using AWS Marketplace and by working closely with ISV software providers as we can make private offers via AWS Marketplace. Customers are reassured that these come with all the same agility and speed that customers are looking for but with prices and terms that are negotiated with our years of experience and intimate understanding of our customers’ needs. Working with our professional services teams, we are best placed to help build solutions that leverage key ISV vendors, helping you to accelerate and remove the friction often associated to acquiring software and services solutions.

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