Microsoft Security

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Microsoft offers integrated security solutions, helping organisations to safeguard their people, data and infrastructure using a single security platform and a single licensing model.

With Microsoft Security products, it is possible for enterprise organisations to protect identities and manage access, stop threats with integrated, automated protection, secure apps and resources across the cloud, protect and govern sensitive data, and identify and remediate risks.

As your trusted partner, Computacenter understands how to help you best exploit your Microsoft license. Contact us, so we can evaluate your current needs and create a roadmap to help you get the best from your Microsoft Security.



Digital transformation and hybrid working have created amazing opportunities for organisations, but unfortunately, they have also opened up opportunities for attackers looking to exploit weaknesses in organisational security.

This brochure explores these challenges and explains how Microsoft Security could be the answer to them. It also outlines how Computacenter can help you on your journey to integrating Microsoft Security into your security strategy. Whether you are unsure which of your existing vendors to keep and which will work best with Microsoft, unclear as to your entitlement, need some guidance with design or deployment, or want help with in life support and operation, we can help.

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Consolidation & Migration Services

Consider bringing Microsoft Security to the core of your Endpoint Security strategy to remove blind spots and give improved visibility and control. Consolidate existing investments in security products and platforms and integrate critical retained security vendors with Microsoft to protect existing investments whilst leveraging Microsoft’s integrated nature to deliver more automation and insight.

Focus products - Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Migrate to Defender for Endpoint

Migrate to Defender for Office 365


Enablement Services

Understanding how to best adopt Microsoft Security is one way of addressing a reliance on legacy, loosely integrated point security technologies that limit automation of detection and response capabilities and restrict visibility of threats and vulnerabilities across the full extent of the modern workplace.

At Computacenter, we ensure our customers can optimise their migration to Microsoft Security by turning on features and enabling controls in a logical way. We consider the impact on user experience and the need to leverage the integrated nature of platform to get the best outcomes. We will also consider how to best embed existing security solutions alongside Microsoft to ensure current investments are retained where needed.

Focus products - Conditional Access & MFA, Defender for Cloud Apps, Defender for Identity, Purview Information Protection & DLP

Enable Conditional Access & MFA

Enable Defender for Cloud Apps

Enable Defender for Identity

Enable Purview Information Protection & DLP


Computacenter’s Managed Microsoft Security service delivers the proactive management and maintenance of the core Microsoft Security technologies and tools, utilising them to deliver comprehensive endpoint security services.

Focus products - Conditional Access & MFA, Defender for Cloud Apps, Defender for Identity, Purview Information Protection & DLP, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Microsoft Defender for Office 365.

Managed Microsoft Security


Discover how we helped the Civil Aviation Authority optimise their Endpoint Security with Defender for Endpoint

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Click here to download a simple summary of how Computacenter can help with your adoption of Microsoft security

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