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How Computacenter are helping NHS Digital Provide Their Health and Social Care Network (HSCN).

Toegether with Cisco, Computacenter are helping to provide NHS Digital’s security analysts with full visibility of traffic patterns and potential threats across the HSCN.


HSCN is a new private Wide Area Network which succeeds the legacy NHS N3 network, enabling NHS organisations across the UK to share digital patient records and other data via a reliable and feature-rich platform. Ensuring the security of the HSCN is vital to its success.


Computacenter led the project and engaged with Cisco to design and build the analytics solution and the underlying hardware platform. Based on Cisco Stealthwatch combined with data analytics technology, the solution will identify patterns of potentially malicious behaviour and track and send information to a centralised Security Information and Event Management system.


The solution provides NHS Digital’s security analysts with full visibility of traffic patterns and potential threats across the HSCN. These incidents sre remediated using bespoke security playbooks created by Computacenter and Cisco, safeguarding business continuity for caregivers at the front line and preventing delays for their patients. The new network, with its enhanced security, will enable healthcare professionals at regional hospitals, clinics and GPs surgeries to share and protect vital digital patient data, maximising efficiency and enabling better quality care.

The combined Computacenter and Cisco team’s expertise and commitment meant we were able to meet the tight project deadline. By enhancing NHS Digital’s security capabilities, we’ve been able to reduce the risk of threats and disruption to patient care.

Stefan Phillips - Account Manager, Computacenter

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