Migrating to Microsoft Azure

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Computacenter helps organisations drive data center business transformation – removing costs, complexity and barriers to change. We have an open, pragmatic approach, and always provide independent advice, working with IT departments, not around them.

Computacenter have an established methodology and governance model in place to ensure a risk managed approach is taken when moving services from on-premises or other cloud provider into Azure. Our technical expertise and delivery of experience of large-scale projects a well-defined, repeatable service for our customer ensuring a transition. We do this in 3 main ways:

  • Migration Strategy
  • Workload Discovery
  • Migration Planning & Execution

Computacenter workload migration service framework

At the core of the workload migration service is a framework to deliver cost-efficient, repeatable, de-risked and governed large-scale migrations into Azure.

The Workload Migration Service provides an end-to-end delivery framework for migration into Azure, irrespective of the source location, underlying hardware, hypervisor platform or operating system.

The service has been developed to cater various scenarios including:

  • Physical or virtual workload migration to Azure
  • Migrations from other cloud providers to Azure
  • The migration of databases into Azure (IaaS or PaaS)
  • Data migration including block, file and archive data

Microsoft Azure

Computacenter provides a range of services to help you accelerate your public cloud journey using Microsoft Azure.
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Azure Migration Service

Computacenter have been migrating customer workloads for nearly two decades and have an established methodology and governance model in place to ensure a risk managed approach is taken.
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Our capabilities around Microsoft Azure

Our delivery teams hold Azure focussed certifications:

  • Azure Solutions Architect
  • Azure DevOps Engineer
  • Azure Security Engineer
  • Azure Data Engineer
  • Azure Administrator
  • Azure Stack Hub

Why use Computacenter to migrate to Azure?

Computacenter have been migrating application services and data for Enterprise customers for over two decades with more than 250,000 workloads and related infrastructure moved during that time across various business sectors covering different geographies and technologies whilst meeting specific security and regulatory requirements.

As an Azure Migration Program (AMP) partner and having the Microsoft Advanced Specialisation for Windows Server and SQL Server Migration into Azure, Computacenter have been independently audited to validate our methods, experience and credibility in this field.

With each engagement, we continually review, develop and apply lessons learnt to ensure our migration methodologies and tools evolve in-line with current best practices and industry standards.

Workload Migration and specifically the migration of workloads into Azure is a service we offer which builds upon our experience and provides a fully governed end-to-end method of taking workloads from on-premises or other public clouds into Microsoft Azure.

Our technical expertise and delivery experience of large-scale projects provides a well-defined, repeatable service for our customers ensuring a smooth transition.

Why migrate to Microsoft Azure?

Public cloud adoption provides significant benefits to organisations, and Enterprise customers are taking advantage of these when they choose Microsoft Azure as a platform for hosting migrated workloads, building new applications and leveraging the many unique cloud services available.

The built-in redundancy, security, scalability and choice from hundreds of available services provides organisations with the platform they need to run their businesses on.

Existing Microsoft customers can extend and integrate their on-premises Active Directory identity management solutions to support the transition and existing SQL databases can be migrated from IaaS to PaaS reducing operational overheads.

Licence mobility means customers with existing Windows licences can take these into Azure avoiding the need to re-purchase and for older workloads running Windows or SQL 2008, Microsoft offer extended support once moved to Azure.