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Replacement of all PC clients during Windows 10 migration for Provinzial Rheinland Versicherung AG back-office staff.

Computacenter helps Provinzial Rheinland with its migration to Windows 10 while equipping the office staff with new devices, helping to improve productivity and providing a visually-appealing client environment.


During its Windows 10 migration planning, Provinzial Rheinland opted to replace all PC clients for back-office staff at their Düsseldorf headquarters simultaneously with the migration. This needed to occur without any work interruptions and cabling had to be minimised accordingly. At the same time, it was necessary to ensure that all insurance applications used by the company could run under the new Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.


Provinzial Rheinland with adopted Computacenter's space-saving 1-litre PC concept. Integration of the required applications and Windows 10 had been tested in a Proof of Concept installation beforehand. In addition, there was a rollout concept that allowed for replacement outside of business hours.

By taking a global approach, UCB can identify and prioritise opportunities for improvement while Computacenter takes care of day-to-day user support, enabling both financial and efficiency gains for the company.


Computacenter developed and installed a modern and visually-appealing client environment for the customer. Business operations remained uninterrupted throughout. Costs were fixed for the entire programme.

The PC rollout and the introduction of Windows 10 were easily accomplished through good communication and organisation within the project team. Our requirements for efficiency, quality and cost optimisation were met at all times, also thanks to Computacenter.

Holger Bolten - Project Manager Provinzial Rheinland

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