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We win by

Putting customers first

We work hard to get to know our customers and really understand their needs. This lets us use our experience to help them in the right way at the right time.

Nathalie Ngo

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Amanda Van Vuuren

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Being straightforward​

We’re practical and pragmatic. We believe in solutions over talk. We express ourselves in the clearest possible way. And we’re open and honest in all of our dealings.

Keeping promises

We do our very best to keep our promises. And when that’s difficult, we help our customers find other ways of solving their problems.

Petra Coenen

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We do it together by

Understanding people matter

We’re committed to being diverse and inclusive. We build strong, rewarding, supportive relationships. And we treat people as we expect them to treat us.

Considering the long term

We’re building a sustainable business for the long term. This leads our decisions and actions and helps people really trust us.

Magda Kordule-Chodanowska

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Inspiring success

We’re proud of the people we work with. We do our best to support each other through the downs and we always celebrate the ups.

Khaled Thaler

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