Improved performance with SAP HANA

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Dramatic performance improvement and the foundation for further migrations.

Working with GASAG AG to implenment HANA database technology, we've helped to improve productivity and enhance business agility.


Following the successful migration of its Business Warehouse with Computacenter, GASAG AG was keen to convert other SAP systems to the new SAP HANA technology.


To consolidate performance in all productive systems, GASAG decided to acquire new storage systems with a total of two terabytes of memory on which the RAM-based SAP HANA runs. The new, virtualised environment based on Windows Server 2012 consists of dedicated SAP HANA database servers using Cisco UCS blades. The SAP system technology was updated using the SAP DMO tool.


"Because RAM works 1000 times faster than disk systems, we managed to achieve the performance improvement we wanted and replace the relational database we had been using before,” explained Mirko Edling. In addition, this solution requires fewer server systems, which lowers the operating costs.

Computacenter completed this migration within the specified time and to our complete satisfaction. With SAP HANA, we have improved
the performance of our SAP environment as planned. Computacenter’s cooperation with the SAP team was exemplary throughout! We look forward to further joint projects in the SAP environment.

Ronny Stamm - Information Management, GASAG AG

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