Red Hat

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Meeting the needs of the digitally determined customer

Computacenter proudly bears the Red Hat Premier Business Partner Accreditation indicating a commitment to innovation and service delivery of the highest level. Premier partners understand the most intricate details of Red Hat solution ecosystems and have sound and insightful knowledge about how this technology can be implemented into a future-focused roadmap.

Computacenter has maintained a strong relationship with Red Hat in the EMEA region and is recognised with Advanced accreditation in the USA. Computacenter’s diverse portfolio of service and technology offerings poises it to implement Red Hat solutions with the greatest agility and best practice outcomes for customers.

Red Hat has grown from a platform occupying the traditional endpoint/server landscape to a world-class leader in cloud computing, hybrid-platform management, and automation. Certified by thousands of vendors and compatible with hundreds of cloud architectures, Red Hat Enterprise Linux has become the preferred platform for customers wanting the competitive edge in a Unix environment. Red Hat’s container management platform OpenShift allows organisations to take advantage of dynamic scalability and security in hybrid cloud and container environments.

Key transformations include:

  • Versatile Enterprise Linux for virtual, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments
  • OpenStack hardware management for the design and organisation of cloud infrastructure
  • Advanced container management platform including Java and Kubernetes clusters
  • Hardware leveraging solutions to maximise available infrastructure for storage solutions


Computacenter is your preferred partner for cloud and data center solutions. With strong partnerships, strategic locations, and award-winning service delivery, allow Computacenter to put people at the centre of your data strategy.



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