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DONNER & REUSCHEL breaks new ground with Computacenter and a cloud-only strategy.

The private bank, which has offices in Hamburg, Munich and Kiel, focuses on close, personal contact with its customers and places them at the centre of its services.


The clientele of a private bank has exclusive demands. So DONNER & REUSCHEL aimed to create a modern and future-oriented work platform when redesigning its infrastructure – not shying away from disruptive technologies. The digital workplace should not just be a buzzword for the bank. “Our declared goal is to create innovation through IT,“ emphasises Andreas Weinberger, IT Division Manager at DONNER & REUSCHEL.


Computacenter supported DONNER & REUSCHEL at the early stage in planning its IT strategy. Jointly they considered the options for renewing the infrastructure – both in the bank‘s own data centers and in the cloud. Banking in the cloud was still largely uncharted territory. A solution proof-of-concept made it clear: this should be a completely mobile working environment based on Microsoft 365, Intune and Azure with a ‘zero data center’ strategy. On the hardware side, notebooks and tablets from Microsoft‘s Surface series and the Apple iPhone were chosen.


Banking in the Cloud? Yes, it works! DONNER & REUSCHEL’s users have a state-of-the-art working environment on up-to-date hardware and can work efficiently with the new functions. By switching to a cloud solution, the bank was able to view and implement all regulatory requirements in an application-specific manner. “During the planning phase in 2017 nobody could have guessed that a pandemic in 2020 would block our way to the office,“ says Alexander Fuchs, Lead Consultant at Computacenter. “During the Corona crisis, our users were seamlessly mobile – this alone made the project worthwhile,“ applauds Andreas Weinberger.

During the Corona crisis, our users were able to work remotely without any problems - this alone made the project worthwhile.

Andreas Weinberger - IT Devision Manager, DONNER & REUSCHEL

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