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Our pathway toward more sustainable operations means we must incorporate better practices throughout everything we do, it also means that we must continue to improve upon the progress we’ve already made and not remain complacent. Computacenter is committed to integrating sustainability into the core of its business activities, a step necessary to secure the future of our people, planet, and industry. This action is not taken as a single gesture; it will come from the collective engagement of the entire business, covering all areas of Computacenter’s sustainability strategy. From removing single-use plastics in our offices to generating our own electricity, engaging people with our active inclusion policies to increasing our share of electric vehicles, every action we take, no matter how small, helps us become a better company, supplier, and corporate citizen.


Supply Chain


Continual innovation in how Computacenter operates has driven positive change for both the company and our customers. Improvements stemming from automation in our Integration Centers to a strategic growth in capabilities have helped us to streamline so much of what we do. Whether it is providing customers one-touch device replacements in the workplace or using an economy of scale to leverage purchasing power, each action we take to drive efficiency will almost always be the most environmentally friendly. Efficiency and sustainability go hand-in-hand, with less contact, packaging, transport, manufacturing, energy consumed, the more we can do with less, the lower the demand on our natural and fiscal resources will be.


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Ethics & Conduct


Computacenter’s complex and diverse supply chain has thousands of suppliers around the world. Throughout this commercial network, Computacenter is vigilant and proactive about conducting business with companies that share our values and respect the sovereignty of individuals. Our people policies, such as Modern Slavery, relate to not only the people within our company, but also those that work around us; this ranges from contractors who attend our sites to people from the manufacturing sectors of our supply chain. Our people policies are defined by the ethics by which our company operates.


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Modern Slavery Act


At Computacenter, we are committed to high ethical standards in our business activities and within our supply chain. We are dedicated to responsible and sustainable corporate management. This includes making sure that Computacenter’s practices are compliant with human rights and employment legislation wherever we do business.


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Regulatory information and disclosures regarding how Computacenter performs in various areas can be found in the documents below.


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