Ethics & Conduct

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At the heart of corporate governance is our reputation, ethics, and conduct.

Group Ethics

Computacenter is committed to doing business ethically, transparently, and responsibly, with the utmost respect for our people and planet. Find further information regarding our sustainable business practices and policies below.

The high levels of integrity with which we intend to carry out our business do not vary depending on where we work or whom we’re dealing with. Therefore, we require our suppliers to comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Group Ethics Policy

Health and Safety Statement

Environmental Statement

The high levels of integrity with which we intend to carry out our business do not vary depending on where we work or whom we’re dealing with. Therefore, we require our suppliers to comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Supplier Code of Conduct

DE Supply Chain Act

Computacenter AG & Co. oHG Deutschland, based in Kerpen, Germany, is committed to respecting human rights and applicable environmental law and to the responsibility we bear for ourselves and our value chain within our supply chain. We are committed to responsible dealings with our customers, but also with our employees - we only work with partners who recognise national and international law and are committed to respecting human rights. Details as to how we comply with this Act can be found in the Policy Statement document below, but also within our Supplier Code of Conduct above. According to the Supply Chain Act to raise complaints please use the Speak Up/whistleblowing hotline.

Computacenter Policy Statement

Anti-Bribery & Corruption

We continue to be committed to Anti-Bribery & Corruption. As such, we’ve published a Code of Conduct and Anti-Bribery & Corruption policy for our staff to follow. These documents also apply to our suppliers and we expect the same commitment from them.

Anti-Bribery & Corruption Code of Conduct Group Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy

Speak Up (Whistleblowing)

We encourage our employees and anyone that works with us to raise any concerns they have at work if they see or suspect dishonest or unethical behaviour, fraud, corruption, or other forms of illegal or wrongdoings.

Speak Up (Whistleblowing) policy

Gender Pay Gap (UK)

This is our fourth gender pay gap report under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap information) Regulations 2017 and although the results show that we still have a gender pay gap we do not have an equal pay problem at Computacenter due to the systems and processes we use to review this.

We’ve taken some significant steps towards improving our gender balance within the organisation and continue to work towards becoming a more inclusive organisation overall.

Closing the gender pay gap remains a long term, generational issue faced across society as a whole – not just Computacenter. We will continue to use the insights our results give us to drive forward our progress and help us shape our future actions to reduce our gap.

Women in Tech

Female talent at its best. See how Computacenter is committed to gender equality and why it’s a great place for women in Tech to work.
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Growing Together

Our bespoke program to close the gap by accelerating confident female leadership.
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Additional Languages

For more information and documents available in additional languages, please follow the link below.

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Further reading

Our Purpose: Helping our customers change the world

Our customers are some of the world’s greatest organisations. We work hard to get to know them, understand their needs and put them at the heart of everything we do. We work relentlessly to build their long-term trust, so they can rely on us in a complex and ever-changing world.
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Our Values

These are the values on which we built this company and they are the values on which we will continue to grow Computacenter.
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Prudent accountability for investment, compliance, and reporting.
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UN Global Compact

Computacenter has been a proud signatory of the UNGC since 2007 and we are committed to supporting the 10 core principles of the UNGC, including embedding them within our supply chain.
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