Accelerating the path to cloud

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Engaging powerful partnerships to deliver multi-supplier cloud solution.

Computacenter helped William Hill move applications to the cloud, in order to continue delivering great products and services for its customers in a safe and secure way.


William Hill's 'cloud-first' strategy sought a scalable, predicatable cost structure, coupled with improving their bsuiness agility. They were faced with the challenge of moving all their in-scope applications and services to the cloud. They would not be able to achieve their eighteen-month migration time-frame without the use of multiple cloud providers. William Hill needed an IT partner to help them achieve the migration to cloud using the best-fit cloud infrastructure and software vendors.


Computacenter provided independent advice and support on how best to proceed with the migration, harnessing their experience of many successful projects. Following that advice, Computacenter was awarded a 3-year contract to provide enterprise licence agreement, support and implementation of VMware Cloud on AWS, followed by application and service migration. A critical part of implementing this solution required Computacenter to coordinate the migration between themselves, the other two partners (VMware and AWS) and William Hill. Computacenter also co-ordinated the training requirements for William Hill's key stakeholders.


William Hill saw cost reductions early in the project, with the VMware tool Cloud Health demonstrating where those savings were. A road map was developed and implemented for migrating the rest of the eligible applications to the cloud, while the training is delivering benefit particularly in terms of demonstrating how the new solution supports business agility. Elsewhere, visibility of William Hill’s IT estate is much improved, as is workload mobility, while the new scalable and predictable cost structure is enabling their management to better plan for future cloud expansion.

…over the seven years, we’ve really grown our relationship. We rely on each other as partners; we share ideas, we share solutions and we share roadmaps with each other to get the best out of the relationship.

Sarah Lucas - Head of Platforms & Infrastructure, William Hill

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