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We´re best placed to ignite your digital transformation

The pace of change in business transformation is as rapid as it is unstoppable.

Enterprises are having to evolve and think in completely new and innovative ways about the way they do business to stay current and competitive – digital transformation, risk and resilience, automation and efficiency, governance and security, first-class user experiences.

These are not easy subjects. Organisations are having to do more with less resource, often restricted by budgets and skill shortages, while having to maintain business-as-usual operations.

Over the last 20 years, Computacenter and VMware, have helped hundreds of organisations transform their business and benefit from technology solutions spanning the data center, cloud, digital workplace and across multiple security disciplines. Computacenter’s scale and capability, combined with VMware technology, make this possible.

Where do you start?

You look for technology powerhouses - industry respected organisations - like Computacenter and VMware for advice, guidance and to make the complex simple. Companies you can work with collaboratively, over the short and long-term to adapt to market challenges, your needs and business opportunities. Computacenter helps companies accelerate their digital transformation through our proven ability to deliver services around advanced VMware technologies.

Computacenter and VMware have held a strategically aligned business relationship for almost 20 years. It’s a history which has seen Computacenter pioneer the adoption of VMware solutions for the benefit of our joint customers – integrating VMware as part of our Technology Sourcing, Professional Services and Managed Services offerings.

Today, we are helping companies like yours:

  • Lay a digital foundation for the future
  • Deliver a consistent infrastructure
  • Benefit from improved business operations and processes
  • Protect your digital infrastructure with security baked-in, not bolted on
  • Deliver first-class user experiences across any device, application and cloud

Our solutions

No conversation about digital transformation starts in the same place and there is no one-size-fits-all. We are focusing our efforts on three of the hottest topics organisations like yours are telling us they need help with:


It is clear multi-cloud is here to stay and will likely define the cloud landscape for the next decade. Organisations like yours are looking for speed, innovation, agility, application-based platforms, and scalability with security baked-in to improve your governance. We offer a range of services including:

  • Application Migration Assessment
  • Cloud Spend Optimisation
  • Multi-Cloud Operations Review
  • Cloud Security Readiness Assessment

Employee Experience

Recent world events have focused our collective attention on enabling organisations like yours to gain the greatest benefit. From a portfolio of devices, resources, applications, SaaS, data and mobile to help you work more efficiently, more flexibly, more collaboratively, more intelligently – anytime, anywhere. We offer a range of services including:

  • Workstyle Assessment
  • Workstyle Maturity Assessment
  • Endpoint Assessment
  • Remote workforce platforms

Modern Infrastructure

Many organisations are considering Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HPI) to run their workloads, including mission critical applications. Companies are also looking to implement Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) solutions to deliver increased network agility and cost reduction. We can help you to:

  • Optimise services and costs
  • Scale seamlessly
  • Implement Software Defined Network solutions
  • Extend and mange across any cloud
  • Minimise security vulnerabilities



  • 10 Master Service Competencies including:
    • Network Virtualisation
    • Cloud Management & Automation
    • Desktop and Mobility
    • Data Center Virtualisation
    • VMware Cloud on AWS
  • 200+ accreditations across the VMware by Broadcom portfolio

Recent Awards

  • VMware EMEA Cloud Innovation and SaaS Transformation Award 2023
  • VMware EMEA Partner Industry Award 2022
  • VMware UK&I Partner Value Award 2020
  • VMware Partner of the Year Award Value 2020 Regional Winne
  • VMware Cloud Partner of the Year 2019

Computacenter & VMware by Broadcom in Partnership 2020

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