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Welcome to proactive data

With over 25 years of partnership, Computacenter and Veritas have been working together to secure your workplace, keep data in the right hands, and provide organisations with the right information to make sound decisions for their IT and business strategies. Computacenter currently holds the highest level of accreditation, Platinum Partner, an award recognising the comprehensive experience and resources made available for Veritas solutions within the DigitalTrust portfolio.

Veritas has become one of the most trusted names in security, insights, and optimisation. The world’s leading financial institutions, healthcare providers, CSPs, and investment banks all choose to rely on Veritas to ensure that mission-critical environments remain secure, efficient, and able to handle tomorrow’s demands to drive business forward. Veritas has the versatility and flexibility to work across a multitude of platforms and understands the changing nature of hardware and new architectures. Having emerged from a traditional server framework, Veritas has grown into the multi and hybrid cloud environments ensuring that security and insights don’t get left behind during critical cloud transformations.

The flagship product from Veritas: Netbackup has become one of the most trusted names in enterprise-grade backup and recovery. With the future of computing being more decentralised, having a partner who is moving at the same pace, and in the same direction is imperative to keeping your data safe in the face new architectures and threats. As more applications occupy hybrid platforms, the demands predicted for our current hardware shift too. Part of Veritas’ success rests upon the insight it provides operators in planning their next move. Using insight to leverage current infrastructure, and combining this with emerging trends, Veritas and Computacenter are your trusted partners in data center optimisation, security, and planning for tomorrow.

Computacenter is your preferred networking, security, and analytics partner. With strong partnerships, strategic locations, and award-winning service delivery, make Computacenter the next move for your data center.



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