MMD Philips

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When it comes to getting the right picture, the right price, and to the right people, Computacenter are your preferred partner for MMD (MMD-Monitors & Displays Holding B.V.) and Philips Corporate solutions. MMD produce business-grade monitors for customers around the world through their manufacturing and innovation partnership between TPV and Philips. Computacenter has creatively worked with MMD to ensure customers get solutions that truly match their needs, whether that is with docks, mounting equipment, monitors, or large commercial panels.

MMD carry a large range of displays and visual technology peripherals that meet a variety of budgets and business applications. With fast-paced development in flat panels, peripherals and their protocols, having a partner who is at the forefront of innovation is paramount when staying ahead of the game.

Key transformations include:

  • Multimedia and digital signage
  • Scalable business display solutions
  • Peripheral augmentation through docking and expansion technologies
  • Display mounting solutions for any professional application


Computacenter is your preferred partner for innovation in the workplace. With strong partnerships, strategic locations, and award-winning service delivery, allow Computacenter to put people at the centre of your workplace.



  • Key Managed Partner


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