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Delivering an incredible digital employee experience

Computacenter’s Workplace services provide industry-leading, data-driven End User Experience Management (EUEM) through highly qualified engineers and Experience Managers. They go beyond the data collected to drive proactive intervention, elevated customer awareness, and preventative automations – all designed to avoid user impact, disruption and ultimately prevent productivity loss to the customer organisation.  Our Service Desks are also enabled by End User Analytics (EUA) platforms to provide proactive outbound assistance as well as having access to better diagnostic data for inbound contacts. These allow higher rates of first contact resolution, again reducing periods of lost productivity.

Lakeside are a market leader in EUA software, including data collection, analysis, application of machine learning, desktop automation and context-based user engagement. Their stated mission is to empower IT with the most powerful cloud platform to ensure all employees have a superior digital experience that is performant, reliable, secure, and connected. Computacenter deploy their technology to help transform our customers’ digital employee experience and add holistic operational intelligence. We do this by:

  • Eliminating blind spots in the digital experience and shifting from reactive to proactive operations through deep, real-time telemetry, historical analysis and measuring employee sentiment (while protecting employee privacy)

  • Driving complete transformation, removing technical barriers, through intelligent edge compute architectures, deep integrations with existing technology tools and enabling any device, app or system, anywhere



  • More than 100 professionals accredited, up to Master and Architect level


Designed for People, engineered for Business​.
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