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The power to work anywhere

Computacenter helps ensure people are equipped with appropriate technology as their workstyles change. Whether mobile, at home or in the office, we unleash the power of your people so they can work more effectively.

DigitalMe is Computacenter’s workplace solutions portfolio, which includes the partnership with Jabra to provide a richer collaboration experience through pioneering sound solutions across unified communications, with headsets, speakerphones and video conferencing.

Jabra’s expertise in consumer, professional and medical audio technology means their technology is backed up by unrivalled knowledge of the human ear. It’s the business of helping you hear what you want to hear – from letting the right sound in, to filtering disruptive noise out – with products packed with intuitive features to make life sound better.

As part of GN Group, Jabra have been dedicated to sound for over a century: the first to lay telegraph cables connecting Europe and Asia; the first to create ultra-noise-cancelling microphones; and the first to put an in-ear heart rate monitor in a pair of sports earbuds. They are the only company in the world to combine consumer, professional and medical grade sound together under one roof, and it’s this combined expertise that allows Jabra to create intuitive solutions that keep people connected, helping you hear more of what matters.



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Designed for People, engineered for Business​.
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What we do

Computacenter Source, Transform, and Manage digital technology for customers across a diverse range of industries around the world. Read more about how we enable success through intelligent IT.
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Powerful Partnerships

Global investment brand achieves wholesale migration to – and adoption of – the public cloud, underpinned by Intel Xeon Processors.
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