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Equipping and empowering your people

Computacenter has been equipping users with workplace technologies for more than 30 years. Thanks to the breadth and depth of our skills and services, we provide a single source for end-to-end workplace solutions.

Dynabook are a dynamic, entrepreneurial business, built on the foundations of their Toshiba heritage. Toshiba launched the world's first laptop computer (T1100) in 1985 and followed it up with the world's first notebook computer – the Dynabook J-3100 SS001 in 1989. These two portable computing innovations allowed people to safely and securely work anywhere they wanted and defined today's mobile computing market. Today, Dynabook continues to create industry-leading business laptops, designed and manufactured in-house for maximum security, reliability and manageability.

Bringing together technology and people, ensuring technologies are current and personalised, Computacenter helps organisations boost agility and productivity. We maximise availability. We strengthen security. We safeguard connectivity. We ensure your people are equipped to work from anywhere at any time.





Building symbiotic solutions around people, see how Computacenter enables digital transformation in the workplace.
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