Streamline your IT procurement with Computacenter Selects

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Disparate processes and purchases can result not only in higher device prices, but also undermine quality controls and corporate standards. The bigger the product portfolio and the supplier base, the bigger the problem becomes.

With every additional supplier adding to the management overhead, organisations don’t just need to safeguard quality in the IT supply chain they also need to eliminate inefficiency. And that means streamlining process, rationalising suppliers, and accelerating product selection.

Over the last two years, almost every business has been affected by the global supply chain disruptions caused by Covid-19 pandemic. Major disruption and shortages of raw material components has led to inconsistent supply of hardware, meaning businesses and their users are being disconnected from the technology that they depend on.

To help in part with these challenges Computacenter has launched our ‘Computacenter Selects’ product portfolio. The aim of this portfolio is to provide our customers with a reduced subset of market leading peripheral devices at a great price and making them highly available, which we believe will help address the short comings in what are often described as ‘commoditised’ products.

With Computacenter Selects we offer a consolidated approach to IT procurement. By focusing on proven products from proven vendors, we minimise cost and complexity and maximise quality and value.

At Computacenter, we aim to make IT procurement simple. We standardise the processes. We rationalise the supplier base. We advise on best-in-class products and the best buys with a centralised procurement service.

Computacenter analysts have researched key sales data and have consolidated a list of high demand devices, based on the highest volume products purchased by our customers. Our Computacenter Selects proposition therefore consists of fundamentals that provide our customers with consistent accessibility to highly demanded hardware that is commercially and technically assured through knowledge of our SME’s.

At the point of launch we offer a portfolio of peripheral devices covering the following areas –

Anti-Theft, Carry Cases, Displays, Docking Stations, Headsets, Keyboards and Mice, Privacy Filters, Risers, USB Hubs and Webcams.

We have even simplified way these products can be purchased. Of course, your Computacenter Account teams will have full access to the portfolio and can assist you but if you use our existing TechSource portal you can order these devices via this route also.

Is you want to know more about how Computacenter Selects can ease your procurement buying cycle then take a look at our dedicated web page, which can be found at or contact your dedicated Computacenter Account team.

Mark Kennell

Solution Leader – End User Computing

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