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Faster. Easier. Smarter

Learn how Computacenter Selects supports procurement by bringing greater quality and continuity to the IT supply chain

Take the pressure off IT procurement

Higher user expectations. Longer lead times. Stronger sustainability goals. IT procurement is becoming increasingly costly and complex. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right support, organisations can provide employees with better IT products in shorter timeframes – saving time and money and mitigating risk.

IT sourcing made simple

At Computacenter, we aim to make IT procurement simple. We standardise processes. We rationalise suppliers. We recommend best buys. We help customers balance supply consistency and continuity with product quality and reliability. Thanks to our global Integration Centres and logistical capabilities, we can provide timely access to peripherals while leveraging our buying power to offer competitive commercials.

Rapid access to proven peripherals from trusted vendors

Computacenter Selects brings together market-leading peripherals from trusted partners in a single portfolio. From headsets and keyboards to webcams and displays, Computacenter Selects provide easy and rapid access to the peripherals needed to enable success. Every product has been evaluated by Computacenter specialists to ensure it meets our customers’ technical, commercial, and environmental expectations.

5 ways Computacenter Selects enables faster and smarter IT procurement

  • Helps mitigate supply chain shortages impacting peripheral availability
  • Reduces costs with simplified processes and consolidated product selections
  • Maximises value with competitive pricing and no volume order commitments
  • Enriches the employee experience with faster access to high-quality accessories
  • Minimises risk with vendor and product assurance assessments and ongoing price benchmarking

Streamline your IT procurement with Computacenter Selects

IT procurement is getting more costly and complex. With greater uptake of hybrid-working and people demanding quicker access to products, organisations need to find a way to balance quality with quantity.
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