Secure Connected Enterprise

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Enabling a Secure Connected Enterprise

With more connections than ever thought imaginable, the scale of the modern enterprise network is fundamentally reliant on strong, proactive, and vigilant security. Knowing the boundaries of the enterprise is now more difficult with people connecting multiple devices, complex infrastructures, and the addition of IoT sensors.


With people and things now sharing ubiquitous connectivity, ensuring that those pathways are protected is the basis for using technology to enable better business. The secure enterprise network no longer relies on siloed security functions, rather, it operates as a wider fabric that provides flexible coverage with minimal user intervention.


With people needing immediate access to resources from their already connected devices, built-in security via embedded protocols and policy improves the user experience by removing clunky VPNs or identity tokens. The mesh nature of the connected enterprise promotes comprehensive vigilance amongst unparalleled mobility. For people, this means that working on or off the network is just as secure, and the right protocols are in place to route data correctly with minimal intervention. Layered security combining the best of software defined architecture and advanced hardware allows organisations to undertake development and push boundaries in a safe and secure environment.

The assurance from network-wide coverage is what will enable people to do more, and IT to lead the way. As the boundaries of the connected enterprise are continually being pushed, agile security will ensure that visibility, vigilance, and control are at the centre of your operations.

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