Modern Cloud Platform

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Power your business growth with Modern Cloud Platforms

Capturing the potential and capability of cloud-enabled landscapes is at the core of Modern Cloud Platforms. Harness the unique capabilities of each cloud, whilst managing the environment as a holistic platform to accelerate technology transformation and open new opportunities for engaging with data and people.


From both public providers to private infrastructure, we can help impartially evaluate the use cases, benefits, drawbacks, and ways in which you can develop a cloud strategy to power your business growth. The Modern Cloud Platform is your chance to seize the opportunity to drive real value and ingenuity from the technology ecosystem.The independent Computacenter approach delivers a solution that is designed upon dynamic infrastructure, is intelligently managed with robust governance, and a true enabler for tomorrow’s cloud applications and development opportunities


A cloud strategy is no different to any other part of the IT landscape, applying the right technologies to the right applications will get the right results for your business. Without falling into the trap of siloed ecosystems, environments with the wrong functionality, or poor pricing structures, using the best parts of all available products will help IT curate the right cloud landscape that is focused on outcomes and sustainability.

The Computacenter vendor-agnostic solution is extensible and flexible, ensuring that the best-of-breed capabilities are ready for development and deployment. Combine strategy with capability and leverage the power of a truly modern cloud platform.

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