Intelligent Apps

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Serve customers better with Intelligent Apps and Edge technology

Like the jobs of tomorrow, apps that serve a single purpose will be made redundant, quickly replaced by holistic solutions that perform a richer multitude of functions. New application architectures, runtime environments, and evolving business cases are changing the way in which development occurs. The increasing scope to leverage ML, AI, and NLP in the apps of tomorrow means that what we’ve come to expect from data is no longer input=output, but rather three-dimensional, insightful, and genuinely relevant to the places they’re being deployed.


Intelligent apps aren’t sedentary, they occupy our mobile workspaces, data centers, the edge, and beyond. With active data exploitation and enablement, smart programming will have access to the right resources to get richer information and tools into hands of the right people. Incorporating the principles of the ‘data enabled business’, intelligent apps bring this level of personal connectivity to the forefront in which people can engage with data -big or small - in new and innovative ways.


By leveraging computational power at the edge, we’re seeing a re-think in the way we program, and by proxy, the type of programs we are now able to create. This fundamental shift is allowing us to interact with applications in new and exciting ways, paving the way for emerging business opportunities, capabilities, and new ways of thinking.

in recent years, we’ve seen customers combine their data-rich central resources and customer’s computational power to propel VR and AR into the spotlight. Whilst being able to transport virtual renders into people’s home seems like a natural step in showcasing a company’s product, it is emblematic of the way in which we are starting to visualise programs and the functions they can perform.

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