Scottish Government - Technology Peripherals and Infrastructure

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Technology Peripherals and Infrastructure

This framework agreement is a re-let of the previous IT Peripherals framework and is for the provision of General Peripherals, Audio-Visual; Print; and Networking equipment. The new multi-lot Technology Peripherals and Infrastructure framework has been expanded to include Servers and Storage.

Computacenter Lot Information

Lot 1 (IT Hardware Catalogue Lot)

  • Provides an easy route to market for end users for transactional and commonly available products through a single supplier catalogue capable of offering the complete range of products and services.
  • Includes; general peripherals, audio-visual, desktop printers and scanners, infrastructure

Lot 2 (IT Infrastructure Projects Lot)

  • Provides users with the opportunity to run further competitions for high value or more complex project related requirements.
  • Includes; Site surveys for AV, networking or wireless projects​, Unified Communications, room booking system survey and installations​, Install to desk of printer/scanner (connection, power up test, software installs, removal of packaging)​, Asset tagging , Bonded storage devices, Network connection of devices​, Memory installs (legacy client devices)​, Hard drive installs (legacy client devices)​, Graphic card install (legacy client devices)​, Installation of projectors or interactive boards​ and Installation of networking equipment​

Benefits for Contracting Authorities​

The Technology Peripherals and Infrastructure Framework Agreement realises the benefits of collaborative procurement. Throughout the procurement process, Scottish Procurement worked with key stakeholders and suppliers to maximise financial benefits and deliver excellent service levels while providing robust contractual terms and conditions for all organisations that utilise the framework, providing the following benefits:​

  • Co-ordinated and consistent approach across the Scottish public sector​ utilizing our Techsource Portal
  • Easy route to market to access a diverse range of transactional products and associated services at market leading prices on lot 1​
  • Opportunity to drive best value for money for more complex and/or higher value solutions through further competition on lot 2​
  • Access to environmentally-conscious solutions and energy efficient products​
  • Consolidated ordering and deliveries and achieve greater environmental and transitional efficiencies​
  • Consideration of Scottish government’s aspirations with regards to ethical, social, economic, environmental and sustainability issues; including payment of the real living wage and delivery of community benefits
  • Lot 1 – direct award option
  • Lot 2 – mini competition only