National Procurement Service (NPS) Wales - NPS IT Products and Services 2

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NPS IT Products and Services 2

The National Procurement Service (NPS) on behalf of the Welsh Public Sector (WPS) is establishing a multi supplier, multi-Lot Framework Agreement for the supply of ICT Products & Services. The NPS which is hosted by the Welsh Government acts on behalf of the WPS to deliver value for money via the procurement of the repetitive Products and Services.

Buyers can buy under this agreement by running one of the following further competitions:

  • Direct Award:
  • Mini Competition:

Suppliers are expected to implement base price unless a different pricing structure is agreed with the customer e.g. after a mini-competition

The Supplier shall be required to deliver Products and Services across Wales to a range of locations and organisations. The Supplier shall be required to:

  • provide advice on a wide range of products;
  • hold relevant vendor accreditations;
  • integrate new products with a complex array of existing infrastructure and desktop estates;
  • provide a variety of ICT services delivered by technically qualified staff with relevant experience;
  • deliver wider social and economic benefits.

Benefits for Contracting Authorities​

  • The transactional levy applied via the framework is one of the most competitive at 0.45% and is retained within the Welsh economy. In addition, the framework delivers a range of Community Benefits with national and local outcomes relating to employability, skills and tackling inequalities by focussing on under-represented groups in Wales.
  • Direct award and mini competition options available

 Computacenter Lot Information

  • Lot 2 Hardware​
  • Lot 3 Licensing & Subscriptions​
  • Lot 5 Solutions

**Computacenter are not on Lots 1 or 4**