London Universities Purchasing Consortium

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In Partnership with Lenovo

Windows 11 – How Computacenter, Lenovo, Microsoft Win 11 and Intel vPro are working as one to enhance university learning through technology.

National Desktop & Notebook Agreement "NDNA"

The National Desktop and Notebook Agreement (NDNA) covers the purchase of the following equipment types under all standard operating systems (Windows, Linux and Chrome for example) with the exclusion of Apple OS, which is covered under a separate HE framework:

Certainly, here's a condensed version of the framework scope:

Computacenter Lot Information

  • Lot 1 - Desktops: Covers various desktop and workstation PCs, from Micro to Full Tower, including All-In-One PCs and Thin-Client units.
  • Lot 2 - Notebooks: Encompasses different types of notebooks, mobile workstations, hybrid/convertible devices, tablets, and mobile Thin-Client units.
  • Lot 3 - One-Stop Shop: Allows customers to procure Goods and Services from Lots 1 and 2 through a single route.
  • All Lots - Accessories and Services: Includes wired and wireless accessories (mice, keyboards, displays, etc.) and services associated with device deployment (timed deliveries, onsite installation, etc.).

All services associated with the deployment of framework devices including and not limited to timed deliveries, bulk-packaged deliveries, the collection and environmental management of legacy devices, onsite installation, imaging, BIOS configuration and asset tagging through to full Device/PC-as-a-Service client management.

Benefits for Contracting Authorities​

  • Cost Savings: Savings average at 14% compared to market prices.
  • Warranty: All TPM devices come with a minimum 3-year collect-and-return warranty, with some suppliers offering enhanced on-site services.
  • Volume Benefits: Additional benefits and savings are available for larger purchases.
  • Value-Added Services: Various services like imaging, holding customer 'gold stock' for call-off, and enhanced self-maintainer training are offered.
  • Terms and Conditions: Service levels are guaranteed, with provisions for liquidated damages if breached in core areas.
  • E-procurement Integration: Suppliers can integrate with institutional e-procurement solutions.
  • Pricing Review: Supplier pricing is regularly assessed and compared.
  • Direct Negotiation: Contractors are Original Equipment Manufacturers, allowing direct escalation and negotiation.
  • EU Procurement Compliance: Compliant with EU Procurement Directives 2015.
  • Call-Off Methods: Various call-off methods are available, including direct ranking, desktop exercises, and mini-competitions.
  • Performance Incentives: Supplier positions and scores dynamically adjust every six months to reflect pricing and service implementation.
  • Software Support: Full software support provided for patches, fixes, new releases, and documentation.
  • Performance Management: Managed KPIs monitor performance throughout the agreement's life.
  • Battery Warranty: All purchases include a 3-year warranty for notebook batteries (minimum 500 charge cycles) traditionally excluded from system warranties.