Health Trust Europe - Complete ICT Solutions Framework ComIT3

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Complete ICT Solutions Framework "ComIT3"

HealthTrust Europe’s Information Communication Technology (ICT) Solutions framework provides enterprise level ICT solutions; for IT hardware products, software, programs, applications, associated products, services and support. It has been created to deliver the most cost effective and simplest route to market for your IT requirements, whatever they may be. The framework is comprised of just one Lot to help simplify your purchases for hardware and software and allow easy identification of the most suitable suppliers for your end-to-end solutions.

This agreement seeks to satisfy the requirements of Public Sector Contracting Authorities to procure either commodity hardware, software or both, via a preferred Direct Award process. It also provides a facility to procure bespoke IT hardware and / or software solutions through appropriate benchmarking or further competition procedures, where applicable, for single beneficiaries or for those organisations looking to share services across several beneficiaries.

The categories covered under our single lot framework are:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Security
  • Technology Assisted Services
  • Computer Science

This framework provides customers with the widest, unrestricted choice of manufacturers and technologies and is free to access and easy to use, through either Direct Award, self-administered mini-comp or, if required, a fully managed further competition process. In some cases, you may even be able to continue to work with your incumbent supplier. only need to sign up to the framework once to have access to all approved suppliers for the life of the framework money

Benefits for Contracting Authorities​

  • Fully Supported, procurement guidance - We work in partnership with you to support you and your organisational needs. Talk to our Onboarding Specialist directly to help guide you through your procurement. If required, we will visit your premises to meet with you to fully understand yours and your stakeholders needs to ensure your procurement delivers what you want.
  • Free to use and easy to access with a simple sign-up process
  • Range - unrivalled range of ICT Solutions on only one Lot, providing the broadest offer of competitively priced goods, services, support and finance which meet your complete IT requirements.
  • Compliance - The framework agreement was procured in accordance with OJEU Public Contract Regulations and offers a compliant route to market, whereby minimal resource is required to identify the most economically advantageous provider.
  • Reporting and Audit Trail - All framework suppliers can issue summary or comprehensive reporting, providing transparency of goods or services procured. All transactional activity is auditable to ensure all governance requirements are met and exceeded. Procurement activity can be analysed to identify opportunities for us to save you time and money.
  • Standardisation and rationalisation - All approved framework providers have experience in supplying goods and services across the full spectrum of public sector organisations. They can offer guidance on how to achieve additional cost and efficiency savings through the standardisation and rationalisation of specifications and processes.​
  • Direct award, mini competition, online catalogue and e-auction options