Crown Commercial Service - Technology Services 3 - RM6100

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Technology Services 3 - RM6100

Technology Services 3 is the next iteration of the successful Technology Services 2 framework. It will continue to cover traditional Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services, from strategy through to transition and operational deployment.​

Crown Commercial Service as the Contracting Authority is putting in place a Pan Government Collaborative Framework Agreement for use by UK public sector bodies identified at VI.3 of the Contract Notice (and any future successors to these organisations).​

The above Public Sector Bodies have a need for a technology service Framework Agreement, which will deliver local, regional and national technology service provides for the range of service outlined below.​

The agreement will include but not be limited to the following technology support services:​

  • Hardware management and support
  • Software management and support​
  • Network management and support​
  • Data management​
  • Enterprise security (Security Operations Centre – SOC services)​
  • Technology service discovery​
  • Technology service disaggregation​
  • Transition and transformation of existing technology services​
  • Technology strategy & service design

The ‘enrichment’ and ‘simplification’ of our ‘Technology Products and Services’ offering to our Customers and in turn, to be the ‘Customer of Choice’ for our Suppliers. All of which makes it easier to trade, drives Customer/Supplier engagement and grows the spend/levy profile, whilst remaining at the forefront of Innovation within Technology

Benefits for Contracting Authorities​

  • 64% of suppliers are SME’s​
  • Compliant with the public contracts regulations 2015​
  • Call-off contracts can run from 2 to 7 years depending on the lots used​
  • Suitable for disaggregation to single-vendor outsourcing​
  • Direct awards​
  • Further competition​
  • Aggregation service available

Computacenter Lot Information

  • Lot 1 - Technology Strategy & Service Design
  • Lot 2​ - Transition & Transformation​
  • ​Lot 3 ​- Operational Service
  • Lot 4 ​- Major Services Transformation Programmes​
**Computacenter are not on Lot 5**