Crown Commercial Service - Technology Products & Associated Services TePAS2 - RM6098

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Technology Products & Associated Services "TePAS2" - RM6098

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has put in place a Pan Government Collaborative Agreement for the provision of Technology Products and Associated Services to be utilised by Central Government Departments and all other UK Public Sector Bodies, including Local Authorities, Health, Police, Fire and Rescue, Education, Third Sector and Devolved Administrations. This commercial agreement will be the recommended vehicle for all commodity technology products and associated services required by the UK Central Government and the Wider Public Sector Organisations.

Benefits for Contracting Authorities​

  • Provides a complete range of technology products and services for a variety of purchase models​
  • Simplifies the customer experience, especially for your ‘technology as a service”’ needs​
  • Enables sustainability by providing end to end services for the lifecycle of technology products for example: buy, upgrade, maintain and recycle​
  • Great choice of products and expanded service provision​
  • Access to range of high-quality suppliers including manufacturers, channel partners and resellers​
  • Call-off contracts are available for up to 5 years​ / Flexibility for single supplier ‘one-stop shop’ awards
  • Option for simplified award procedure (100% price-based competition)​ and direct award options
  • Allows leasing of goods
  • Supply chain assurance​

 Computacenter Lot Information

  • Lot 2: Hardware
  • Lot 3: Software
  • Lot 4: Information Assured Technology
  • Lot 5: Health and Social Care Technology
  • Lot 6: Education Technology
  • Lot 7: Sustainability and Circular IT
  • Lot 8: Technology Catalogue
**Computacenter are not on Lot 1**