Crown Commercial Service - Technology Products & Associated Services TePAS - RM6068

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Technology Products & Associated Services "TePAS" - RM6068

Technology Products & Associated Services (TePAS) offers public sector buyers a flexible and compliant way to source all of their technology product needs. This is the first iteration of the Technology Products framework to have associated services in its scope.

Benefits for Contracting Authorities​

  • Great choice of products and expanded service provision​
  • 41 high-quality suppliers including manufacturers, channel partners and resellers​
  • 60.98% of suppliers are a SME​
  • Call-off contracts are available for up to 5 years​
  • Option for simplified award procedure (100% price based competition)​
  • Flexibility for single supplier ‘one-stop shop’ awards​
  • Supply chain assurance​
  • Allows leasing of goods.
  • Further competition and simplified competition options
  • Direct award via catalogue ( lot 4)

Computacenter Lot Information

Lot 1 Hardware, Software and Associated Services ​(no longer live)

  • Combined hardware and software requirements or combined hardware and software and associated services requirements.​

​Lot 2  - Hardware and Associated Services​ (no longer live)

Hardware requirements, including but not limited to;​

  • End User Devices​
  • Infrastructure Hardware​
  • Consumables​
  • Peripheral Equipment.

Lot 3 Software and Associated Services​

Software requirements, including but not limited to;

  • Commercial Off The Shelf Software (COTS Software)​
  • Open-Source Software​
  • Software Licenses​
  • Associated Services

Lot 4 - Information Assured Goods

  • Hardware and software requirements with protective and information assurance.​
  • (For requirements where an additional security wrap / information assurance for the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and other such organisations is needed.
  • Suppliers on this lot are List X accredited)