Crown Commercial Service - Digital Outcomes 6 - RM1043.8

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Digital Outcomes 6 - RM1043.8

Digital Outcomes and Specialists is a ground-breaking framework with a low barrier of entry to interested suppliers, you simply need to get listed and start applying for tenders. The tenders are aimed at commissioning digital teams or individuals to complement public sector internal teams in delivering agile digital services. And, over 3000 opportunities have been advertised so far, out in the open in a completely unique way.​

  • Digital Outcomes – for suppliers looking to build teams and support a digital service.​
  • Digital Specialists -for suppliers who can provide individual specialists to work on a service or programme.​
  • User Research Studios – to provide facilities for researchers or participants to work in.​
  • User Research Participants – for suppliers who can recruit user research participants with a range of experience.

For all public sector organisations to find suppliers who can design, build and provide clearly defined bespoke digital projects and services using an agile approach.​

These digital projects can be serviced (built) by 1 person or by a team.​

Buyers can also use this agreement to find:

  • Physical space to conduct user research​
  • Users with the appropriate characteristics to test your service​
  • This new agreement will run alongside RM6263 digital specialists and programmes. Together they will replace digital outcomes and specialists 5 (RM1043.7)
  • Products and services that are out of scope include (but are not limited to):​
  • Hosting, support and maintenance of a live application or website​
  • Supplementing a temporary shortfall in staff with no clear deliverables (who might work across projects under the direction of the buyer)​
  • Any non-digital role, or a role where there are no clear deliverables​
  • It is important to remember that this agreement should not be used to staff interim labour. The following CCS agreements are available if you need management consultancy or interim staff:

Benefits for Contracting Authorities​

  • You can talk to suppliers before you start to help you refine your requirements. Most buyers who need a digital outcome do this.
  • You can find a list of digital outcomes and specialists’ suppliers on the digital marketplace.​
  • Before starting a further competition, a buyer may regularly collaborate with suppliers, undertaking market engagement, including publishing a draft requirements document to suppliers. Those suppliers can give feedback to:
  • Help the buyer understand the complexity of the work
  • Help improve the quality of the brief that will be issued when the further competition starts
  • The buyer may create a shortlist by asking all suppliers who meet the essential criteria any qualitative questions relating to the brief​
  • No restriction on the value of an individual call-off contract (the framework has an overall OJEU value of £2 billion)​

 Computacenter Lot Information

  • Lot 1 – Digital Outcomes ( Computacenter not a supplier on this Lot)​
  • Lot 2 – User Research Studios​
  • Lot 3 - User Research Participants