Crown Commercial Service - Cloud Compute 2 - RM6292

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Cloud Compute 2 – RM6292

All public sector organisations will be able to fulfil their public cloud computing needs directly from cloud service providers and indirectly through resellers. This agreement may also include some specific professional services that provide customers with specific enabling work, short-term in nature, that leaves a customer in a more capable state than before.

Cloud Compute 2 will mainly offer services that are related to:

  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)

PaaS provides platform tools needed to create applications that will provide a service over the internet.

IaaS provides compute, storage, networking and other capabilities. This means you are able to change the size of the services you need to suit any changes in demand at short notice.

Benefits for Contracting Authorities​

We intend to build on the benefits of the earlier Cloud Compute agreement, including:

  • Terms and conditions which are designed for public cloud services to ensure:
    • Better protection and understanding
    • That they meet central government commercial policy requirements
  • Terms and conditions that reduce the need for long negotiations
  • Direct award and further competition routes to market, which allow for savings in time and money
  • Flexibility in the services that suppliers may offer, making sure that the latest services are always available to customers

 Computacenter Lot Information

  • Lot 2 – Value Added Ancillary Services
  • Lot 3 – Professional Services
**Computacenter are not on Lots 1 or 4**