Transport for London Sharing common values

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Computacenter help Transport for London to meet the IT challenges of growth.

An extended Managed Services partnership centred on people, and now delivering new TechCenter support and shift-left self-serve.


Transport for London’s Technology Services Operations department has the responsibility of making sure that the company's IT Services are running smoothly and always available for their staff, Londoners and millions of annual visitors who use their transport services each year. In addition, the key objectives of delivering healthier transport and eliminating fatalities, also require appropriate future investment in IT.

In 2019, support for several critical IT services had reached their contract end date and were therefore open to bids for future support. Given the challenges and strategic objectives, combined with the ongoing tough economic climate, it was vital that Transport for London selected the right long-term partner to deliver those services.


Computacenter were selected by Transport for London (TfL) to provide support for a minimum of 4 years, with a potential to be extended up to 7 years. The new contract centres on Computacenter's DigitalMe Workplace offering and providing Deskside Support and Service Desk services – which serve not only TfL Head Office buildings, but many other areas ranging from London Underground stations all the way down to the portacabins from where engineers conduct the maintenance of rail tracks.

The new contract places a big emphasis on intelligent support aligned to personal preference, enabling users with self-service capabilities through an End User Portal. This is underpinned by the delivery of Service Desk and TechCenter services for remote and on-site assistance and support, delivering convenient access to multi-skilled IT experts.


An exciting partnership meeting challenges together and putting the user at the heart of everything. The evolution of the services through the new contract will also be a key part of TfL's “Smart Working” programme – enabling better staff productivity, reducing costs and supporting an increasingly-flexible workforce.

I’ve a lot of confidence in the TfL/CC partnership helping our users do better jobs for London – as we share common values, particularly putting users at the heart of everything that we do

Djamila Guernou - Head of Technology Service Operations, Transport For London

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